Switching totems

I’m finding my totem sttaf speakers are great 3-4 ft from the wall but we re building a huge wall bookcase and I won’t have space to bring them out. Any suggestions? Nad 356 amp and nad CD player. I know arro is supposed to be good but what about bookshelf speakers that might literally just sit on one of the shelves or is that a ridiculous idea. 
Not a ridiculous idea at all, just keep in mind that some speakers are better at it than others.  You will also lose some audiophile niceties like sense of separation and disappearing in a room.

The conventional wisdom is to go with sealed or front ported speakers, though there are some rear ported speakers that were actually designed to go against a wall.  In essence, by being placed on a shelf in a bookcase, your speaker is becoming a box inside a box.

I have been living with my speakers placed in this way for most of my life.  Indoor cats and less than understanding wives made stand mounts a non-starter.  Lately I have been less caring about opinions and peace, and have gone with Zu  Audio floor standers.
If possible and depending on the height of the bookcase, having the speakers on top of the bookcase will be preferable to having them inside the bookcase.

Speakers that have served me the best inside the bookcase and on top of the bookcase:

Omega Super 7 MK2
Omega Super 3i
Rega R1
NHT Classic 2

The Zu Audio Cubes or Omen bookshelf speakers look promising.


Any LS3/5A design type sealed two way will fit the bill! Harbeth, Spendor, Stirling, Falcon, etc., etc.
One last thing -

If you are planning to place the speakers inside the bookcase, make sure you allow for running the cables out of sight.  Insure that there are drill outs in the back wall of the cabinet.  

Where do you plan to place the components?  Inside the bookcase?

Yes inside the book case; it will be a full wall built in. Good point about hole for cables!
Did you pick any? 

Im looking for bookshelf speakers to be placed against the wall as well. 

You could try the ELAC OW4.2 - the tweeter sounds great though they definitely need a sub. I sent them back because of this. Currently breaking in a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 220’s.