Swiss Radio Days on Tidal

Years ago I bought an Oscar Peterson cd from the Swiss Radio Days series and it was excellent. The other day browsing Tidal for some Thad Jones I came across a Thad Jones/Mel Lewis release also from the Swiss Radio Days series. So I decided to do a search just for Swiss Radio Days. Voila there are 24 titles from the series on Tidal all jazz and from a very wide range of musicians. Just starting to explore the other offerings listening to a Phil Woods/Eddie Daniels/Stuff Smith release and it's outstanding. Check it out if you haven't already!
@acman3 I hear you love Sonny Rollins and plenty of him on Tidal too. And one other note we all know Tidal search leaves a lot to be desired so I thought those 24 titles were all the Swiss Radio Days. But as i was looking at one I noticed below under "other releases from this artist" Swiss Radio Days 22 not on my original list. So there maybe even more out there happy hunting!
Thanks Jond, just listened to the Sonny Rollins/ Horace Silver and it is great!  I am wanting just a little more Sonny though. :)
Awesome Bob I might buy it too but I have no way to play discs anymore! So working through the 24 selections on Tidal and so far they are all excellent!
Thanks Jond, that link is great. I think I want to buy the whole catalog.
I would like Tidal more if they had a better way to display their catalog. -Something like Spotify would make me very happy.
As it stands now, I need suggestions from people like jond to help me find new music.