Swiss Radio Days on Tidal

Years ago I bought an Oscar Peterson cd from the Swiss Radio Days series and it was excellent. The other day browsing Tidal for some Thad Jones I came across a Thad Jones/Mel Lewis release also from the Swiss Radio Days series. So I decided to do a search just for Swiss Radio Days. Voila there are 24 titles from the series on Tidal all jazz and from a very wide range of musicians. Just starting to explore the other offerings listening to a Phil Woods/Eddie Daniels/Stuff Smith release and it's outstanding. Check it out if you haven't already!
I would like Tidal more if they had a better way to display their catalog. -Something like Spotify would make me very happy.
As it stands now, I need suggestions from people like jond to help me find new music.
Thanks Jond, that link is great. I think I want to buy the whole catalog.
Awesome Bob I might buy it too but I have no way to play discs anymore! So working through the 24 selections on Tidal and so far they are all excellent!
Thanks Jond, just listened to the Sonny Rollins/ Horace Silver and it is great!  I am wanting just a little more Sonny though. :)
@acman3 I hear you love Sonny Rollins and plenty of him on Tidal too. And one other note we all know Tidal search leaves a lot to be desired so I thought those 24 titles were all the Swiss Radio Days. But as i was looking at one I noticed below under "other releases from this artist" Swiss Radio Days 22 not on my original list. So there maybe even more out there happy hunting!