Supply chain problems delay audio hardware for up to 12 months or more

I found that even an expensive loudspeaker from Wilson audio in Salt Lake City is taking 4-6 months or more! The U.S. supply is compromised, as noted in the recent issue of The Economist (and elsewhere) -

If any part of an audio component is made in China, then it is a very serious problem, with shipping costs from the PRC to the west coast skyrocketing more than 10-fold!
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The confluence of several trends/crises and the comeuppance of just in time inventories.
"If any part of an audio component is made in China, then it is a very serious problem"

Not a matter of "if" more like "what part(s)" No need to get into any discussion of "made in USA" most should know the REAL story.

I'm in Long Beach, Ca. Living near one of the major ports, you can see the que of container ships waiting to unload everyone's gear/parts. It extends for MILES.

COMPLETELY made in USA? Okay....if they say so. There is SOMETHING in everyone's box that MIC. That's including the grommets, washers, O rings etc.

You are correct! I was being a bit subdued about this fact on this forum where some folks only patronize "Made in The USA", without recognizing that apart from who gets the profit, all of the top brands use components MIC.  This is one reason why I am concerned about the political rhetoric bashing China when many seem not to realize that we are irrevocably intertwined.  
If the box sounds good, why care where it's made?

The "idea" of made in USA is...AMERICAN. I get it. I only wish for that.

But let's all get real. EVERY nut, bolt, washer along with major assemblies made 100% here, in USA-not gonna happen.

Impossible to source ALL parts for audio gear made in the USA. Maybe that goes for ANYTHING we consume?

If the final assembly-stitched up, checked, boxed and shipped here, that's good enough for me. 

Made is USA has a different meaning from 50 years ago.
I was just trying to educate folks on this forum that no matter where a product is finally assembled, the dependency on parts from China and elsewhere means that ordering something right now make take a year or more to be delivered. I am not sure that everyone gets this point - it is not so much about the origin of components - it is time challenge in that supply chains are terribly fouled up worldwide. I do not understand why this is not an important issue to share in this forum!