Subwoofer Popping

Can someone help me?  5.1 system.  My set-up: Marantz SR6015 receiver.  Four Bowers and Wilkins 705 S2's for the R/L and rears and the B&W HTM71 S2 center channel.  All speakers set to small.  The REL T/9x is my sub.  Marantz is set to LFE + Main.  Crossover setting on the Marantz is at 80HZ.  I have tried for many months to get my settings right on my set-up but it seems no matter what I do my sub often makes a snapping/popping noise when trying to play LFE at a high volume when watching movies with the family.  It's as if something is set too high and sending too much power to the sub.  What settings do I have wrong?  For the life of me I can't figure out how to adjust everything correctly on both the sub (the phase, HI/LOW LEVEL, CROSSOVER, and the .1/LFE LEVER) and the various settings on the receiver (crossover frequency for the REL, subwoofer level adjust, 


what you have is a mini subwoofer with a 10inch driver and 300 watts. Do not expect it to go loud of course it will pop if you push it too hard this will happen with every sub but yours is especially low powered only for small rooms. 

You are over-driving your sub, badly. Bigger is better if the levels you want are taxing the sub you have. There are limits, you have passed them.

To follow a twitter meme:


"Tell me you are overloading your subwoofer without telling me you are overloading your subwoofer."

@murphyb, what you are doing is pushing the woofer so hard the voice coil is hitting it's bump stop. You have two choices. Turn the volume down or get two 12" subwoofers. A single Martin Logan 212 balanced Force subwoofer would do it. 

How do I not overdrive this sub?

Turn it down/adjust low frequency room correction.

Thank you, everyone for your help with this.  Ultimately I decided to run a Audyssey set up with the Marantz SR6015 I'm using and it really fixed the problem.  That software was really helpful.