Streaming to Multiple Systems around the house

I'm trying to set up streaming  to 4 separate systems in different rooms. Can anyone advise on my best budget option for this?  My budget is preferably <$400 total.  Some background is below - but I'm having trouble figuring out how to connect this all.

I have a Bluesound Node 2i attached to my living room system and direct attached to the router.  So far I have broadcast via bluetooth to my downstairs systems, but it gets dicey in a couple of the rooms down there.  Things I am considering are as follows:

1)  Longer Range bluetooth receiver (does on exist?) to connect to my Node 2i

2)   another cheap streaming unit separate from the Node 2i.  I was looking at some <$200 units, cheapest being the Dayton wba31

3) a second Node 2i downstairs, broadcasting to bluetooth in other rooms (would allow direct connection to the primary system down there with BT connection to the office and shop systems.


thanks in advance


I stream on 2 systems with Roon.  On the second system I just took an old retired laptop and put roon on it for the endpoint.  So once you have roon, all you need to come up with is a computer/raspberry pi, node, or other roon ready endpoint for each system to act as the streamer.  Most of the work is done in the Core so the device used at the remote system to stream can be a very simple (old and weak) computer. 

Thanks @carlsbad , I'm a complete newbie on streaming,  so I'm not familiar with roon or what it does. I've used a tablet playing over bluetooth before getting my Node 2i, so I was thinking in terms of how the Node works, with Tidal and my own digitized library trying to replicate that although I'm not completely satisfied with the easy of artist/album selection from tidal.

Thanks again.

I have house wiring to 6 nodes here, old school.

Always better than Bluetooth.

May I suggest trying our Vera-Link which offers up to 5 different separate Listening Zones Very affordable 50 watt per channel Wireless Streaming Solution

Thanks Mark