Starting Over...Need help finding the perfect integrated to replace everything

OK so I am selling everything (Decware Torii, Parasound A2, Tannoy Speakers,) everything except my VPI. I am going to get some more sensitive speakers and I am looking for a class Solid State class A A/B integrated with a nice headphone section (getting rid of that headphone amp etc as well). Preferably with a built in Dac as well (do all integrateds come with DACs now?) and a nice phono section of course.  I have not given any of the class D stuff a listen but maybe that is the direction I must look in? 
If anyone has downsized and are happy with it what did you do?
First, what's your budget? Are you wanting to purchase new or will you consider used? Not all contenders have dacs. What sensitivity speakers are you contemplating? There are many choices as far as power output goes. 
Sorry for the lack of details. I definitely want used. My budget for an integrated is capped at 4300.00. I think the Tannoys are somewhere around 91 or 92db but it takes some balls to make them do what they are supposed to. I think they are closer to 87 or 88db. New speakers will be smaller maybe open baffle maybe the size of the devore orangantans My 25w Decware Torii does not complement these Tannoys. Id like an old Levinson or Marantz or Pass if possible. I like the Parasound so I am definately considering there integrated. I really think John Curl’s stuff is comparable to Pass and Levinson especially considering price points.
I’ll throw a out a few suggestions that I’ve owned which meet your criteria:

-Micromega M100 (great DAC, Room Correction)
-Parasound HALO (great flexibility)
-Denon PMA 1600ne (good DAC, great Phono)
-Gold Note IS-1000 (great DAC, great Phono)

I’m currently using the Denon, and am very impressed how good it sounds. It’s very well-rounded, and the biggest surprise is how good the phono section performs.

Pass Labs INT 60 or 250 although neither one offers an onboard DAC or Phono Stage but they sound great. 
A used Luxman L-590AX should be right at the $4000 mark for a pristine example. No DAC, though.
You may have a different set of priorities, but unless space were at an absolute premium I would consider separating the amplification from DAC duties. Why? Because a wonderful integrated like a Pass Labs, Luxman, Accuphase, etc. is nearly timeless and is likely to have a useful life span exceeding that of a DAC section due to the rapid evolution of that technology. That said, I admit the Lyngdorf is an intriguing package, I would like to hear it myself. 
 I am also moving away from Decware tubes (not the sound so much but the wattage, and damping needed). I don't know that I could stay for an all in one system though. Integrated thinking ids fine up to a point, but who knows if there is an 'all in one' component out there, doing everything right? My opinion on most any digital amp is to stay away a bit longer until that technology has evolved a bit more. Some new stuff is out there, but way out of hand pricing for mortals like us. Hybred tube/transistor designs offer good performance, with a chance of rolling a bit of your own taste into the sound.
I downsized from separates to a Modwright KWI200 which has more power than I’d ever utilize.  Bought it used for $2100. I called Modwright to inquire about replacing the cheap plastic remote with the metal one, and after a few minutes on the phone another question I posed had me directed to Dan Modwright himself.  Sheesh!

A customer who’d purchased one of their models USED could speak to the owner. THAT’s someone I will do business with again

Your price range will allow you to buy a very good integrated without a built-in DAC. IMHO forgiving that preference will allow you buy a better separate DAC. 

Good luck!
I’m not a huge fan of integrated but I would have no qualms suggesting used Ayre integrated amps.   We use one in the family room system and it’s been hooked to all kinds of speakers .    My better half is fine with my many gadgets and dozen or so amplifiers and preamps that I mess with in my basement studio  but the family room has to have decorating in order to keep the happy wife happy life.   I too would still use an outboard dac.   Cuzthat’s the part that will age fastest.