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SACD repair?
Sorry to hear that they couldn't help you. Getting parts for a older machine can be an issue as you know. Chuck    
SACD repair?
You might try these folks  http://musictechnology.com/repair-services.html    
Disadvantages of buying old solid state.
I would discuss with Mark at Reno Hi Fi ! Very reputable dealership of current and used Pass Equipment.    Chuck  
AudioEngine A5 Mini Amp
You could always try the Audioengine N22 and if you dont like it send it back.  
Question about Audioengine speakers... A2 or A5+?
I would go with the A5's no problem with your room size IMO. Chuck  
Cartridge Loading.....Part II
I am running a Benz Micro Wood SL and have it loaded at 150 Ohms which I thought sounded best after some trial and error. The specs for the cartridge list >100 Ohms. I tried 47K Ohms and as others have experienced I found that setting to be har... 
if someone can help me......
Sounds like it needed some break in time. I had an MF2500 converted to a 2500A and it took a few hours of playing to open up.    
if someone can help me......
You mentioned that you just got your MF2500A back from cj, what did they do ?  
Best Phono Preamp Under $5k
A used Herron VTPH-2A . You can research it here and read through the threads here on Audiogon. http://www.herronaudio.com/vtph2specs.html   Chuck       
Pass Labs INT-25 or equivalent in another brand
Fantastic!  Enjoy, that is the Amp I would have chosen as well.  Great Amp, Company and Support. 🙂 Chuck   
Pass Labs INT-25 or equivalent in another brand
I believe CODA makes an integrated that runs into class A for a higher output.   http://www.coda-continuum.com/product/index.php  
Recommendations for automatic tonearm lift
I use the same one as rodman99999 uses on my VPI Classic Table with a JMW arm and it works great. Works with a very gentle lifting action as rodman per rodman's comment above.  
Does anyone know where I can get transistors for a 30 yr old Spectral amp DMA200?
Might try Electronic Goldmine.  I found a Capacitor there for my wife's old sewing machine. It was the only place that had one.   Chuck   
Need help picking my first tube amp
Might try Bellari PA555. I have not heard it nor have I had any experience with their products. Chuck      
Question about Class A
As was already mentioned the efficiency of your speakers will greatly impact how well a low power Class A integrated will drive them. But having said that in or about your price range (Used) I would recommend a Cary CAD 300SEI or a Pass INT-30A. T...