Speakers that image best from corners 12' apart

the subject line nets this query out, but I'm trying to find speakers to use in my living room. Klipschorns are out as this is a formal living room so WAF is a consideration. The room is 13'x15'. There is a wall unit 9' wide that will sit between the speakers. I've tried multiple speakers in this room but none like being spread that far apart. Presently I'm using Totem Sttafs and I pull them out into the room when listening. This isn't my primary listening room so I don't want to do that. I simply want a speaker that's optimized for corner placement and runs full range.

Budget-wise I'd like to stay under $1000, preferably well under that. I'm expecting to buy used.

Floor standing is preferred.

Is there a solution for me?

the wall unit is killing any image you hope for, however, I like Audio Note speakers in the corners, they image fine in my 13 x 22 room. You could pull the speakers a bit forward but leave them near the wall. Audio Note would still work good for this.

good luck
the wall unit is killing any image you hope for
thanks . . . yea, I figured as much. I'm just seeking to make the most of a bad situation. thanks again!
As mentioned, Audio Note speakers will work well in this application with regard to corner position but your wall unit is probably the imaging killer. Many years ago I had an open frame wall unit between speakers and when it was removed the imaging and soundstaging improved dramatically to the point where I finally understood what it was all about.
I would be tempted to try "bookshelf" speakers that can go in or on your wall unit.
Some speakers do ok in a situation like this if you toe them in, so they point to about 6 inches in front of your face. I'm guessing their dispersion pattern has something to do with how this method may, or may not help.
Check out Orb Audio. I think something like the Classic One or Classic Two set-up would make the best of your not so ideal situation. The Orb's have fantastic dispersion and are easy to place. Good luck!

I second the Hornshoppe but it's not the prettiest speaker. A couple other suggestions are the smaller Klipsch's or maybe a vintage Tannoy or Jensen. The Dual Concentric driver in the older Tannoys would help with the placement problems. I love their full sound and coherence.
thanks to all for the suggestions. I'm actually intrigued by the Hornshoppe speakers - they also will complement a couple of vintage low power tube amps I have.

Ckoffend - your suggestion of bookshelf speakers is particularly interesting, and timely. Frankly, I had a bias for full range speakers in that room because I'm a deep bass bigot. It just happens that I already have a really nice pair of mini monitors . . . um, on the shelf and unused. They need a subwoofer though, and I just happened to have one also unused. It hadn't occurred to me to set these up in that room, but I'm going to give it a try this week. Depending on what happens with the book shelfs, I may move on to corner horns.

thanks again!
If you look at this with a strategy in mind
1st take a look at where the speakers are....
You have a side wall,a front wall and wall unit wall coming out beside your speaker.
With each wall we get natural wall gain so you are up in the bass 6 db per wall at about 80 hz
No matter what you try thats a good speaker you will still be way heavy in Mud at that point.
I would suggest you try the Vandersteen X 2 high Pass assesment box and start with lowest setting and work up until you hear a better bass transition and then install that value for the system.
you could also try a pair of pre owned Vandersteen 3A Sigs the Multi enclosure and small baffle less multi enclosure design will seem to disappear better than a box also its 4 inch lighter faster mid range will outperform other speakers in boxes with their slower 6 inch heavier driver and larger baffles trying to do the same midrange task.
Best Johnnyr
Corner placement, good imaging formal room with high WAF, and **well** under $1000?

And a wall unit...

Full-range speakers, most speakers really, that will meet these requirements will be tough to find. And don't worry, you would not find K-Horns for well under $1000 anyway.

Try and find some used Magnepan MC1s. They are wall-mountable; you can hang them with sheetrock screws. That might give you some flexibility with placement and might meet with the wife's approval. When not in use, they lie flat against your wall and you swing them out from the wall when you are ready to listen.
Finsup, interesting recommendation. I saw a pair of these set-up at a dealers in Ohio once, but didn't listen to them (outside of the fact that they were playing music in general).

How is the performance level? Strengths and weaknesses? What type of amplification do you need for these? I am curious.