Speakers for Pro-ject Debute Carbon DC with 2M blue

I am looking for a set of speakers (not sure if I want bookshelf size or towers) for my Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC with 2M blue. I found lots of good reviews of emotive B1+ but not sure if $230 can bring up all the beauty of the vinyls sound or not. I was also considering Q150 and Kliptch. Someone is selling 2015 martin logan electrostatic speakers for 950 on offerup. I am not sure if spending 950 for them versus 200-400 for bookshelf ones will create huge difference in sound when using pro-ject debute DC with blue stylus. I am new to vinyls and need help. Help me please :)
There are no special speakers designed to be used with vinyl. Choose speakers within your budget that sound best to your ears.
What kind of sound characteristics are you looking for, what’s your current amp/preamp, and what’s your budget?
I was thinking about getting Schiit mini preamp and see if I can use my old Pioneer VSX-D498. I was trying to stay under $700 for speakers

I could get a used Cambridge Audio CXA-60 for $350 but I was hoping my old Pioneer will be ok

The Wharfedale Diamond 11.3 is available on sale for $700/pr at Music Direct and others.  Great sounding speakers for the price and relatively easy to drive.  Elac Debut F5.2 is also worth a look but is a little harder to drive.  Hope this helps, and best of luck in your search. 
Wharfedale Diamond 11.3 seem like awesome speakers for $700. I am reading more about them. Do you think my receiver will be fine to run them or I will need to upgrade it?
I also have Pioneer VSX-824 in my movie room that I can swap and use it for turntable if that will improve the listening experience and give me more speaker options. I am sorry for all the questions. I am just trying to figure it all out with all of your help
Do you think Cambridge Audio CXA-60 would make a big difference in sound quality? Or what would you suggest within that price range? The reason why I mentioned Cambridge Audio CXA-60 specifically is because someone is selling it for $350 in my area.
Do you think Cambridge Audio CXA-60 would make a big difference in sound quality? Or what would you suggest within that price range? The reason why I mentioned Cambridge Audio CXA-60 specifically is because someone is selling it for $350 in my area.
Your Pioneer should be able to drive the 6.3s fine for now.  I wouldn’t buy another amp until you have whatever speakers you choose in house and then see what direction you want the sound to go and what specifically you’d like to improve upon.  Then you’ll be in a better position to choose an amp that’s best suited for your speakers and tastes.  I wouldn’t recommend jumping on the Cambridge as there are plenty of good used amps out there and it may not work for you with whatever speakers you end up with. 
Yes. Use the amp you have now for the moment. I said /budget/ for a new amp but only change one component at a time.
Thank you Soix and Noromance for great suggestions. I think it’s a great approach. I see on Amazon Wharfedale - Diamond 11.4 for $299 each. Should I be considering those? It seems like a good deal
Look at Klipsch RP600M and stands. Especially if your room is relatively small.
Check the seller’s feedback if you haven’t to make sure they’re reputable and that they’re an authorized dealer in case you have a problem.  That’s all I got. 
Buying Wharfedales I would deal with Music Direct. They offer support and a return policy.  As per soix and noromance, buy speakers first, use current amp, save for a 2-channel integrated with phonostage.  
OP: I heard the Wharfedale Diamonds at a local dealer and was very impressed by them and was considering them in a second system until a pair of Vandersteen 1ci’s were made available to me for $400. 
That said I’ve also heard good things about the Klipsch RP600M. 
It’s going to come down to preference for you. 
At this price range I don’t think either are bad decisions. 
Yesterday I went to BesBuys and Frys electronics stores trying to find some speakers to listen to to compare the sound. The only brands that were available to listen to were KEF, Martin Logan, B&Ws, and Definitive Technology. Unfortunately they did not have Wharfedale that was hoping to listen to before I decide to order them. They also had Kliptch and Polk but only in the floor so I could not compare these two to the rest in the audio room. Polk sounded too soft to me when I listened it in the store display area but I did like the Kliptch. Again I could not compare them to the rest and I am sure they would sound differently in the audio room.
Also, I found NAD 3240PE in my area for $50. It looks like it is old but everyone is saying great things about even now. Not sure if I should get it to use it as a preamp or order schiit mani instead. 
You can't go wrong with the Mani. Search LPS (linear power supply) for use with Mani. Buy on Amazon for easy returns if no likey.
Thank you. Just ordered a black mani, hopefully won’t take weeks to get it. I am a woman and Ukrainian so patience is definitely not in my blood. On the good side - everyone is talking about a wife approval factor here and I am a wife so no approval is required for me haha
Congrats on the phonostage.  How are things going with the speaker search. Once you have speakers you can then look for an line level (no phonostage) integrated amplifier that best fits the speakers. Klipsch and Wharfedale are easy to drive speakers so a ~50wpc integrated should work out.

A lightly used NAD C326BEE would be one I would consider. 
Thank you. I am down to 3 options - Kliptch RP-160M for $250, Kliptch RP-600M for $475 for opened box, or Wharfedale Diamond 11.4 for $600.
Well, quite a price spread and the 11.4 are towers as opposed to stand mounts. Why no Wharfedale stand mounts in the mix? 

What is your room size? 
It’s going to be in the living room that transitions into the kitchen (open floor plan). The size of both together is 13x30
Well, if your are looking to fill the entire space, as opposed to focusing on a listening 'sweet spot' then a pair of floor standers may prove best.
I just got Klipsch RP-600m from Amazon delivered. Opened up and realized i need the wires. Ugh... it has been a long time since I bought speakers so completely spaced out that they won’t come with wires. 
Congrats on your speakers. I believe they are fairy easy to drive so you won't need a great deal amplifier power to drive them. I noticed a Cambridge Audio receiver  on sale for $225 here on AG. Under the amplifier section. Looks to be a good deal to me. According to the seller it is 1 year old. Seller has good feedback. 
Thank you Mesch. I like the speakers a lot so far as well as Schiit mani and debut DC. I definitely need to check the listing you are talking about. For now my old Pioneer seems enough to drive the speakers so I want to do some research and listen to the different music styles to see what I should be aiming for. I am sure I will be confused and asking lots of questions until I make up my mind again. 
Great idea not to be in a hurry. Get to know your new components while exploring music.

Get back to us when you feel it is time to purchase a integrated amplifier. Given you have the Mani you will need a line level one only.