Speakers for Bedroom - Vinyl/Vintage equipment

Looking for some suggestions for speakers for a master bedroom. Dimensions are 24x20. Would like to spend no more than $1500. This system will be strictly a vinyl system. Using Pioneer 1978 SX-80 receiver with 45watts and a Pioneer PL-51 turntable. Diverse types of music including; Rock, 80's Pop/Rock, 50's music, Jazz. No classical or country. Would prefer no subwoofer to be involved. Thank you!
If you are trying to stay vintage, original large Advents will work quite nicely or you could stay with Pioneer and find some hpm-100's. You might luck into a pair of Altec or Klipsch (the bigger horn loaded speakers) if you have the floor space available. With 45w available you'll likely want something 90db or better in terms of efficiency. Let us know what you end up with!
An older pair of Klipsch Heresey would be nice to continue with the vintage vibe.
Thanks for the suggestions. I will keep my eyes open for these speakers in the sales section. Finding them in good condition is not easy! Keep the great choices coming.
I own most of these speakers suggested and for the type of music you will be playing, I have to agree with Tpreaves and recomend the Klipsch Hereseys. The low end is solid, they are very dynamic, and they are efficient.
Klipsch will make your ears bleed thru an old Pioneer receiver,been there,done that.
Original Advents,large and small versions were made for his gear,the EPI suggestion is good as well.
Watching some Advents on the big auction site. Also, read many things about DCM Time Windows and Dynaco A-25. With no ability to listen before buying will have to roll the dice and give them a shot. Again, "Thank you" for suggestions.
Had Time Windows in bedroom for years,a truly great speaker
thats unfussy as to placement -no stands reqired an advantage over Advents,clearer than Advents but not as harmonically rich.
With the limited options of finding excellent vintage speakers, are there some new speakers that would work? Not having much luck finding excellent condition speakers. Any suggestions would be great! Or just be patient and search for the Advent, Altec, Time Windows, EPI etc.?
Vintage Dynaco A25s or KLH 17s or AR 6s, as long as they are in reasonable condition.
OR, get some modern active speakers & use the preamp (tape out?) outputs. Try used(even new for if you look here) active Quad 12Ls for 6-$800 & you will have $$ left over for a cheap subwoofer too.
Anyone ever listen to Bolivar Model 18's? Read some decent reviews but wanted any first hand knowledge of the sound etc. Thanks
I would be careful to confirm, if even possible, the operating condition of vintage speakers like those that have been around for years. If original, they likely need work. If not, they are often upgraded with different drivers, crossovers, etc. that may no longer resemble the original sound, for better or for worse.

I used to sell several of those vintage speakers and still clearly recall how many of them sounded new with other gear of the time.

If it were me, I'd go with newer speakers for better performance and better reliability over very old ones, even if the rest of the system is vintage.
I can also recommend Dahlquist dqm-9's there are parts and service still available from Regnar (no affiliation).
Also, other DCM models from the same era as the Time Windows are quite superb IMO. Time Frame 600's are very nice as are CX-17's. I have a cosmetically challenged set of the CX-17 that have outperformed many other speakers in a 14x 20 room. they were driven by a Pioneer SX-770. (20wpc I believe).
Mapman makes a good point in re: performance and reliability.
There are many very good new speakers out there in your price range.But I couldn't possibly describe how happy I feel when I sit down to listen to a 70's receiver through
a pair of 70's Altecs. Enjoy the hunt!

I would have to agree with the Klipsch Heresy or Heresy II suggestion. Very efficient and dynamic for R&R and jazz but doesn't handle the low lows like a tower would but what bass is availble(minimum around 60Hz) is very tight. I have a pair of HII's in my master bedroom(13x21) and they have no trouble at all filling room with plenty of clean volume.

If you don't mind a smallish floorstander, I suggest a pair of Klipsch Quartets(H31xW15xD12) which will handle the lower frequencies(minimum around 38Hz) that the H's or HII's fall short on. Also very efficient(97.5dB) and dynamic.

If I had to go vintage for the speakers, Klipsch Heresy perhaps or I would consider a pair of factory refurbished OHM Ls, C2s or Hs, if available from OHM Acoustics currently. Ls were my favorite small bookshelf speakers and Hs my favorites overall. C2s are in between with a slighty brighter tonality that can work well at lower volumes, more like the Klipschs.

Refurbished from OHM, if available, these cost from $600 to $1000 a pair, I believe.

You could do a lot worse than a pair of original OHM Walsh 2s for just a couple hundred likely used as well. These can also be upgraded later to the current modern drivers if desired.
Pair of Time Window speakers on the bay that look good. Not cheap but they do look to be in good shape. Also found some nice Large Advent from


If anyone has any opinions that would be great! I appreciate all the great comments and suggestions.
I'm sure my bedroom system is no comparison to what you're going to have, but I recently pulled my old equipment from the attic which consist of an old yamahac-50 preamp, maratntz c65 cd player and a SONAMP 260 amp, purchased a few sets of Baby Advents, and I have to tell you, I'm very impressed. If you're intereted in a set let me know I have 3 more pair. They need refoaming, but the cabinets and grills are in great shape, and they're still in original boxes
I'm using the DCM Timeframe TF 400 speakers in my bedroom and they are a steal at the prices I see them going for these days. Very forgiving speaker with great imaging and soundstaging. Easy to drive and would probably be great with the Pioneer. I also have Pioneer a SX-727 that's in another set-up and I'm using a Tact S2150 o drive the DCM's.
Thank you all for the great responses. I ended up purchasing the Large Advent speakers. When everything is set up I will provide my feedback.
I guess next thing is to figure out what speaker cables I should run with this set up?

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