Speakers behind wall of TVs?? What the ...?

Ok, let me preface by saying I know this sounds stupid and no audiophile would ever do this.  But most people aren't audiophiles and they make choices based on what is more important to them than music. 

SO,....  A friend who is huge into sports and maybe wagering asked me for suggestions.  He is completely inflexible on the layout of the room, so it is what it is.  Just wondering if anything he can do under these terrible conditions will help with music sound quality.

Okay, here goes.  So have you been to the Vegas sportsbooks like at MGM Grand or Mandalay Bay or Venetian or others I'm forgetting?  Think "wall of TVs," all playing football games or baseball games or whatnot.  That's what he has set up in his basement.  Currently I think 8 or 9 screens ranging from 75" down to 42", but they are like 3x3 across his entire basement width, such that the speakers are actually necessarily placed behind the wall of TVs, because there is nowhere else for them to go.  Like I said, not an audiophile setup.

There is no room for the speakers to be in front of the TVs to the side without obscurring the screens, which is a non-starter for him.  Of course I asked that.  Screens are Samsung or LG or Sony latest 4k models - thin but not transparent to the sound (not sure what the word is for "sound passing through??" did a search but couldn't find).

Okay, that's great.  So what to do?  Putting aside that it will be impossible to do a competent music setup in this environment, which I told him and suggested he forget it for the basement and just build a music-only system on the main level (and he might do that down the road), he said, yeah but I like to sometimes listen to tunes while I'm watching 10 games, and if there is any way to get it to sound better, I'd try it.  For sources he uses TT and streamer/dac.  The limitations are the AVR but way more so the speaker placement behind, ya, the wall of TVs.

Okay.  Well then.  He's currently using a $2k AVR (Yamaha I think) that has room correction so he can actually get some compensation for his hideous layout, small consolation as that may be.  He's using 20 year old B&W speakers (CDM-NT towers, the biggest ones (9?)) and a PSB subwoofer and also B&W surrounds and center, but anyway.

My thoughts were, with this god awful arrangement it really isn't going to help much to add better amplification, because the room correction he is already getting wouldn't exist with a higher quality amp, and, well, there is still the fact that any speakers are firing into a wall of TVs.....so maybe save your money and stick with the hi-end AVR.

But what about speakers?  I was thinking maybe some Kef R series with their reputation for wide dispersion of sound might make the best of the terrible situation behind the TVs and improve a bit on his B&Ws??  Or is it a complete lost cause and just forget about it?

"I like to sometimes listen to tunes while I'm watching 10 games"
Sports book in the basement-that's a serious fan.

How anyone can be serious about "listening to tunes" while doing that is puzzling. Serious listening? That's laughable. To each his own.

I would do in wall for a nice clean look and forget about anything audiophool.
I guess sometimes 10 channels of visual stimulation not enough- need that 11th for audio, ha. Normally he has all the audio switched so he can jump between the announcers on each screen but for whatever reason I guess sometimes just wants music as background.

Yeah so that’s the point I think hardly ever critically listening to music but ....

Anyway, I bet if you presented his setup versus any of ours to a random group of 100 dudes probably many more would pick his — haha. Just different objectives

FWIW I think he started with a sensible layout of maybe 3 TVs and the speakers to side like they should be, but like the audiophile who gets carried away and fills up their house with audio equipment (don’t we all?), he just did the same with TVs and the speakers got squeezed out. 
Sound quality suffered but not enough to overcome the euphoria of having a sports wall. Sigh......
He sent a pic and I guess it is actually 4x2.

This precedes me but I’ve read that there was some trend in the 60s or 70s of suspending speakers from the ceiling with nets or otherwise.  That might actually work for him because the TV wall for now only appears to rise about 6 ft??
Plus 1 on suspension from ceiling. For a time in the 80's, nearly every local sports-related bar had those upside down Bose 901's hanging from the ceiling. Might be a decent choice if he can find a good pair. Yeah, I know it's Bose but at least the sound won't be blocked as much.
Vegas sportsbooks like at MGM Grand or Mandalay Bay or Venetian

I love those spaces. Like mission control at NASA. I had my own little cubicle to work at, and privately calculate how much money I would lose wagering. But at least the drinks were free. 

My first thought was suspended speakers. 
Thiel’s Power Points. Just be sure to provide the appropriate amplification. Due to the unique nearly flush to the ceiling/wall placement they are also particularity well suited for DSP room correction. The concentric drivers also help with that, as well as mitigating lobing issues. Add a couple of sealed subwoofers and you can have a surprisingly well sort out, quite good sounding system in an otherwise impossible situation.
Tell your nut job friend his best bet is headphones. HD600. Can't be beat with any speakers in that situation. Ten to one. 
Haha, yeah headphones good point.

Except I think his pad is quite the bro hangout on Fall Sunday afternoons and need the sound throughout the room so all the fellas can enjoy. 

I really wish he didn’t live outta state cause I’d be there watching games as often as I could get a hall pass for sure!
Ditto headphones for all.
Intercom style like choppers.
Or a stinkin' Alexa for background noise.
There is no stereo image to be had with a wall blocking the speakers. Either move them or try ceiling speakers.