Speaker recommendations for Primaluna

I was wondering if I could get some feedback from fellow Primaluna owners regarding speakers. I am currently running Totem Sttafs with my DiaLogue Premium integrated amp and want to upgrade. I am not unhappy with the Totems - they are a great value IMO, but it's time for a bit of an upgrade. My budget for speakers is around $6,000.

Just curious to see what others have evaluated by way of speakers and what you ended up with.
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I am not familiar with the Totems, but I am running Acoustic Zen Adagios with my Primaluma Dialogue Premium Integrated. Sounds great!
Thanks Mabonn,

I auditioned a whole bunch of speakers over the weekend. Ended up with a pair of used B&W 803 Diamonds.
If you like Totem, I think a pair of Hawks would work nicely. They are very nice speakers.
I thoroughly enjoyed my Merlin VSM-MMi speakers with my Primaluna Dialogue Premium (I have since switched amps, but still have my Merlins). A used pair of Merlin VSMs would be in your price range. The combination was quite good. I like the Totem sound as well and have a pair of their bookshelf speakers in my second system.
I was was going to purchase the Totem Forest Signature until I heard the used B&Ws.

Thanks for the freedback!
No kidding Nyaudio98! My second system (that is in progress) will probably have the Totem bookshelf speakers!
Nyaudio98, what are you smoking!

You meant "Canalis Anima" from Spiral Groove and YES, they are the best standmount speakers I have ever auditioned :-)
Ever try Tannoy w/PL? I had that combo for 6 months, quite tasty. Had both Churchill and DC10T.