Solid Silver Power Cord

I have a Wireworld Platinum Electra 7 power cord for my DAC and I love it! Maybe because it’s solid silver.

I am expecting the new Innuos ZEN MK3 to arrive soon, and need a good power cord for it. I am thinking solid silver, but the Platinum Electra is so expensive. Any good, cheaper solid silver alternatives? If not solid silver, what else would work great for digital (I will be using Innuos ZEN MK3 as a Roon Server and Endpoint)

  • Virtuoso ULTRA Power Cord, 10% off plus Free NCF US plug upgrade. Length 1.0 meter each (only). Your price $990.​​​ Only (1) each in stock at this price.

I own their silver USB cable. Very satisfied. 

My next purchase will be their silver virtuoso speaker cables - no hesitation.

I have a couple of Cabledyne Silver Synergy cords that I like very much.Clean,clear,uncolored power delivery. 
@stringreen   Silver doesn't necessarily make it better.  As with all gear, it depends on how the raw materials are used.  "the recipe matters".
There must be some confusion. Silver measures better. Significantly better. Therefore it is better. 3 nines silver is measurably better than 6 nines copper. Gold infused silver doesn’t measure better than non gold infused silver.
Hey @david_ten Triode Wire Labs are NOT solid silver conductors. Just the connectors. I checked with Pete.

Having said that, I should probably just get his American Digital and call it a day
@thyname Correct, yet exceptional performance for the money and they do give you a ’solid’ helping of that silver goodness.

If it’s within budget, I’d go for either of the two cables I mentioned over the Digital American...not because the DA isn’t good, but because you will get elevated performance results from Pete’s top of the line power cords. I use his ’Obsessions’ across all components.

BTW, I recently had a very interesting and positive outcome with a silver connector, specifically a Cardas adaptor.
If solid silver is a must, Mike Powell's Verastarr silver builds are worth exploring and considering.
Any experience here with Crystal Clear Magnum Opus power cords?

There is one for sale here at a good price.

Although pure silver, reading the specs, they say 6N Silver wire, vs 7N on Cabledyne and Wireworld Platinum Electra 
I thought I give an update for anyone following this thread (OP here), simply because I could not stay silent.

So I bought a Crystal Clear Audio Magnum Opus power cord that showed up so conveniently here on Audiogon.

Three letter for you: O.M.G.!! I mean it. This power cord is amazing. It blows my Wireworld Platinum Electra 7 out of the water. Hands down, not even competition.

I only tried it on my Innuos ZENith MK3, that serves me as a Roon Core and a streamer/ endpoint. And it sounds like I just upgraded my Innuos to a Statement. This power cord is very well built, very thick, and most importantly, sounds really great!

It’s a pity this brand flies under the radar, and no one appears to know it, including myself, until last week.
@thyname Thanks for the update and sharing your findings. That's a terrific result and outcome.
Just curious, if the Crystal Clear Audio Magnum Opus power cord is that good, then why aren't more people use it or talk about it?
Fair question @respected_ent  !

Maybe because they sell direct, with no marketing budget and no dealer network? More often times than not, cables are sold (by dealers, marketing outreach, etc.) rather than bought.

I did talk to a few previous owners, simply PM-ing using previous sale listing, and they held them in very high regard, with no skin in the game.

Prices on website also appear to be quite a bit high, but pretty sure if you reach out to owner direct, one can get much better deal.
Ive been using Crystal Cable magnum Opus cables for years now and yes they are very good for the money especially if you get the Furutech NSF plug over the standard furutech rhodium plugs. 
I second the recommendation @david_ten made of the Verastarr ribbon power cables from Mike Powell Audio. He’s fanatical about using solid silver for both the connectors and ribbon cable components. He’s likely the only power cable manufacturer who uses a special elemental mixture of ferromagnetic materials in epoxy to reduce noise in the cables.
Would love to try the Verrastarr cables especially the statement speaker cables. 

I use the Crystal Clear for my tube preamp only, all other components I use the Furutech SP55n with the NCF plugs.
I ended up ordering two pairs of Crystal Clear Magnum Opus XLR interconnects. This time directly from Mel - the cable maker.

Being made to order, he did not have any in stock, it will take a week or two to get them. Cannot wait.
Another update: the Crystal Clear Audio Magnum Opus XLR interconnects I received are simply fantastic! I sold both my Cardas Clear Reflections Interconnects.

I also ordered the Magnum Opus speaker cables. Should arrive next week. I am going all in Crystal Clear! Try them folks!