Shunyata Sigma Speaker Cables and Interconnects

Does anyone have any experience with the Shunyata Sigma SC and Interrconnects?  I’ve read the reviews in TAS etc but have not talked to anyone that has actually owned them.

I bought the Sigma BNC digital cable and I like it a lot so I am considering the sigma XLRs and speaker cables as well.


I like Shunyata a lot. Caelin was even over at my house to a party one time, brought along some power cords, we did an impromptu audition for a good 20 people. Still have a couple of them. You could do a lot worse. 

Over the years however I came to realize the overall value leader in the whole cables segment is Synergistic Research. Whatever price level you are at do yourself a favor and compare.
I tried the Sigma interconnect and speaker cables. I like the tonality, but to my ears, in my system, the images are bloated.
I have Sigma rca ICs and PCs in my system. I like the sound a, lovely midrange and treble, tight and tuneful bass, very quiet. Putting just the Sigma ICs in caused the soundstage to completely disconnect from the speakers and move out into the room. Very noticeable.

I use the Sigma XLR digital cable and I think that it is the best sounding digital cable I've heard in my system. My comparison points are the earlier Shunyata Anaconda/Python digital cables.

I haven't used other brands for a long time as I've been moving up the Shunyata line.

I have found SR products to be excellent (black boxes, FEQ, HFT, etc.), but the only cable I have from them is a REL spec reference subwoofer cable, which is also excellent (tho' expensive).

I have Transparent Ref SC and have thought about auditioning Sigma SCs, but I really don't want the expense right now...'cuz I know I'll probably buy them.
Thanks Medwardo!   I think I may take the plunge.   You are right.  Very expensive.
Check the Audience Front Row cables. I had Shunyata sigma before and even so I did not do direct compare, I think the front row is more focused with better image and dynamics.