Short cables for Preout/main in and passive use

I am looking for a set of short ~6” RCA interconnects for use as pre out/main in jumpers and also to connect a passive pre to a Dynaco ST-70 amp I am having restored. Any suggestions?  I currently own several 0.5 meter cables that I can use for this but would like to use shorter ones if possible. Thanks in advance!
Audioquest and others make 6" pre-amp jumper cables. A google search of audio jumper cables led me to TheCableCompany. They had the AudioQuest jumpers listed. Give them a call or try AudioAdvisor if you don't have a local store that may carry them. 
I have used cables from AQ and Discovery for this. Many manufacturers do not advertise these but do have them if you call.
Yogiboy, yes I have considered this. I do have several cables I could shorten. Can’t help but think there are those factory made for this purpose however. I want to buy used.