Shanling Cd player in tv commercial

I was watching tv tonight and a diet Coke commercial came on with a guy dancing around his apartment getting dressed, and they very briefly show his stereo, and sure enough it's a Shanling tubed cd player sitting between a pair of bookshelf speakers. Not bad for mainstream tv. And just to be sure I used dvr to go back and recheck it, it's definitely Shanling. Keep an eye out for it and show some people high end stereo on tv!
There's also a Burger King commercial out now that shows this cheesed out guy dropping the stylus on what looks like a Rega turntable, but I could be wrong as they show it pretty briefly.
While watching the Food network at my neighbor's place we noticed there's a bump with a still image montage and one of them, for just a split second, seems to be a turntable of the Gyrodec/Oracle variety. We haven't been able to record it and check in still frame but we were quite curious. Has anyone seen this?
I haven't seen the Shanling CD player commercial yet, but I have seen SEVERAL commercials with turntables. Analog popularity is definately on the rise.
Slight mistake, it's actually a Shanling amp not cd player. It's definitely Shanling but the display is round in the ad like their amps, not their players. Ketchup you're right I think, it's in that Dr. Angus "cheesey" commercial that there's a white tt that's got to be a Rega P2 or P3. I guess high end audio just looks good, too bad none of these people are listening to it!