Schiit Aegis and Goldenear References compatibility.

The Schiit Aegis amplifier is 20X2 watts class A @8 ohms.  The GE Ref subs are internally powered  leaving  upper bass, midrange and tweeter driven by external amplification. Any thoughts or experiences with the Aegis?  I have had a Schiit Yggdrasil A/D for 2 years and am very pleased with the sound and build.


I have had my Triton Refs since July of 2017. I have used the following amps with my speakers:

Odyssey Stratos Extreme.150wpc

Conrad Johnson MF2550. 250wpc

McIntosh MC152. 150wpc

McIntosh MC302. 300wpc. My current amp.

20wpc won’t be nearly enough for the speakers even though you are only driving 2 six inch midranges and the folded ribbon tweeter. The 300wpc amp seems perfect for the T Refs. Personally, a 150wpc amp is the least I would use unless you play the stereo in the 70DB volume range.  It makes a BIG difference. 

I have trouble recommending 20 watt amps to people that don't know if 20 watts is enough. It can lead to disappointment. 

Upate, bought the amp.  Got out  the DB meter.   I hit 100db avg, could not detect any clipping…sound very good for an out of the box amp.  I’m 10’ back from the speakers.  Initial impression was good.  Other amp is a carver 275. My other other amp on the shelf is pair of mono Outlaw 200 wps class d…Very initial impression of the Schiit is very good.