Salktower opinions

Getting the itch to finally upgrade my old faithful Definitive Technology BP10s in my second system. Bought them new back in1990 just when they came out, their first product launch. I think they still sound decent but you know how it is when the itching starts. In the $2K price range, the Magnepan 1.7i was my first choice until I held up a cardboard cut to size where the speakers go and it proved to be a nonstarter due to the size the requisite back wall distance. While looking at options, and there are lots out there, the Salktower (with the dome tweeter) caught my eye. I like the MTM set up and the specs are real impressive. Anyone heard or better yet has owned these speakers? They’ll be paired with my Vincent SP-331 amplifier so power should not be an issue. Thanks.

P.S. Still considering the option of building a fullrange horn-loaded speaker but not getting much feedback on how they would pair with an amp like Vincent.

I have heard Salk speakers with Wells amplification about a year or two ago and was extremely impressed. I cannot remember which model I heard, but I must say that the name has stuck with me ever since as a great unheralded loudspeaker manufacturer.
Not sure about the towers, but I heard the powered monitors at Axpona last year and they were sensational.  Very impressive.   
I have a pair and 2 other listeners(that have a good deal of experience)that have heard them do not like the tweeter. If you are in Dallas some time and want to hear mine let me know.
Thanks for the input and the offer to listen. It looks like the ~$2K price range is a real sweet spot for speakers, new or used, and it could take while to pick one out, especially for someone who seems to hold on to them for a longtime. I envy folks who constantly rotate through their equipment.