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Fidelity Research FR7F history/changes
Above statement should have included ".. by Der Tonarm." 
Fidelity Research FR7F history/changes
I believe the "magic" cartridge I have was 1 of 2 supplied to the previous owner... 
Dynaudio Evidence Temptation and tube amps?
Thanks to all, decided to buy my buddies Martin Logan 13A's. Running from the 4 ohm tap to minimize the impedance issues in the higher frequencies. 
Assistance regarding Source Odyssey RCM Mk V
Thanks, sent them an email 
Lyrita recording info
Go to Discogs and search Lyrita and Wilkinson, looks like about 50 items, not sure how many may have been recorded at Kingsway 
Reviews on JungSon amp/preamp combo: JA-1/JA-99C
Have a 200 watt integrated that is nice but has developed a slight hum, very difficult to find a repair person that can take on a supposed Class A transistor device with no access to a schematic or manual. 
Blue Note Tone Poet Series
+1 for Threadgill!! 
The Mutech RM Kanda Hyabusa
The distributor happens to be my set up guy and I was glad to give this a go with an industry accommodation price as a bonus. My previous cart was the well regarded Kiseki Purple Heart. The Mutech was quite nice through my Allnic 1202, I will even... 
Readers Digest Classical Collections should be reissued
The other desirable set is called Treasury of Great Music 
Posted the same question a few monts back, never got good replies 
End-Game RCM thoughts/advice
DEfinitely DEgritter 
Great choral music on lp
The usual suspects on vinyl-Vintage offerings from Decca labels(Decca/London, Argo, Oiseau Lyre). 
Favorite punk song.
Dead Kennedys-California Uber Alles 
Degritter brand ultrasonic record cleaner
Am fortunate to be a member of the weekly listening sessions at Albert Porter's house and a KL owner. Our response to the Degritters results are uniformly positive. In fact records played after Degritter cleaning seem to play louder!!!(assume this... 
Low Sensitivity Speakers Compression Issue.
Perhaps it is not that big a problem, Google "thermal compression" loudspeakers and there is a Stereophile article from 2006, complete with measurements.