SACD players. Owner progress report

I have had my SCD-777ES one week now and am playing it ,non stop. As posted elsewhere both cd and sacd modes need individual burn in time.A maximum of up to 400 hours has been posted as required time for optimum sound improvement. At 55#,this is one serious component, and the SCD-1 weighs in at 58#.The biggest differences between the two are, that the SCD-1 also has balanced outputs,and a 5th support at the base of unit.There is a couple of other minor differences but the internal components appear to be all the same and all specs are identical,as well as the sacd playback sound.All things being equal,the cd playback should be basically the same.At this early stage,the cd playback has an edge of smoothness and detail over my Cal Alpha/Delta combo.The sound of sacd at this early stage is incredible and finally the digital format is dead on ,less all of its short comings.This has one serious newly innovative transport, and with the digital output for cd this could allow for great flexibility,teamed up with better, great bang for the bucks upsampling dac.The best of both worlds.While no specific dealers have been mentioned,the SCD-1 has been bought for $3800.(list$5000.) and the SCD-777ES for $2500.(list$3500.)There are at least 46 SACDs available and at least 3 discs will be released each month. Any other owner feedback is greatly welcomed.
A well broken in sacd player for $2500.will make an exceptional cd player at the price and consider the sacd playback a bonus.
I am interested in upgrading my CD player. Does the sacd make cds sound much better. If not it sounds pretty ridiculous to spend 4,000 on so few sacd's. Only 3 a month new. Why so few?
I just purchased the SCD-777ES. Who is a good source for the 46 released SACDs? Will post follow-up after break-in. Unit is replacing CAL CL-15.
Hi Mike, Congratulation on your purchase.Some sources for SACD purchases are Acoutic Sound,Music Direct,Tower Records,and CD Now.You are better off requesting stock discs only,as there is a long wait for non stock and new releases.I am sure that this problem will clear up in due time.
Lihifiguy, thanks for the info. What are the "minor differences" between the SCD-1 and SCD-777ES? All things being equal (RCA output used, breakin), how do the two units differ in sound? I have heard the SCD-777ES is dark sounding as compared to the SCD-1, more forgiving, clearly not as good, and not worth the cost savings. My thought was to use the $1100 cost savings to feed the SCD-777ES with pure AC from the PSAudio P300. Any input from someone who has AB the two units please suubmit a follow-up. I am planning on going direclty into a McCormack DNA2 using EVS nude attenuators, Harmonic Tech cables, Thiel CS2.3 spk.
There was a post about the 777 being a little darker sounding.Only 1 post and what was the equiptment and listening enviorment,and if it was compared to a SCD-1 was all conditions identical?I seriously doubt it.There would have to be identical equipment power cords and break in time and possibly even a double blind test .I Automatically bought into this post when using the stock cord on my 777 and with a switch to a modest audioquest power cord the sound had an immeadiate improvement.In case that you haven't yet,Check the owner comments at audio review.Check my posts at on this format.happy listening.
Sony already has plans to incorporate the sacd technology down the chain all the way to personal cd walkmans.
Hi, I am thinking to purchase a SDC-1. But, I would like to ask every oness opinion. Please help me. Thx Bruce
To appreciate the maximum sonic capability of the sacd players a 400 hour break in of the sacd mode and 400 hours for the cd mode is necessary.A power cord upgrade is also imperative as well as superior interconnects.Superior isolation is also essential. Proper polarity is another consideration.Also set the rear custom switch to 100 kHs and first make sure that your amp and pre amp are capable of handling this setting.Unless all of these requirements are meet and the player is used in an outstanding system,only then can a fair and accurate evaluation be made.
Once Sony has their hybrid SACD plant in Germany in full swing,many more discs will be available.Much of the original releases were master tapes that were deteriorating and needed to be archived .
Hi every body, Mark Levinson the founder of Red Rose at New York. They are another high end. they already had a studio at the New York. They are planning to record SACD 3 to 4 disks a month. Good news for who interested on SACD.
I need a new player and I am mainly interested in playing 44k discs. I have considered getting a Wadia 850 $3500 used or a Meridian 508/24 $2000 used. I don't really have access to listening to the SACD stuff. How does the SACD players compare when to the Meridian or Wadia when playing straight 44k? That is, please rate the dacs and outputs against the better standard players. thanks al
A Resolution Audio CD50 beats them all for playing standard CD's. Get one used for around $1600.
I, for one, am sceptical that Sony is interested in anything more than ensuring DVD-Audio is a failure - simply because they lose their royalty stream from the CD technology if DVD-Audio succeeds. If Sony manages to despatch DVD-Audio early on, then will Sony have sufficient motivation to push for better/cheaper SACD? If it does not succeed, then perhaps it would have been better to wait for DVD-Audio. Can someone give me any reason why I should be less sceptical about Sony's SACD?
I can't think of a reason. Like I said before, what does it matter which format wins? Digital audio will always change, and always improve (to some extent). The vast majority of recordings are two channel, and I have no trouble hearing out-of-phase information from those two channels when it's there, even on a boombox (heh heh). TWO CHANNEL PERHAPS WILL ALWAYS DOMINATE (for music), at least until "specialty highend audio" actually does die...and if there's a rebirth later on, "surround" music may dominate. WHO KNOWS? AND WHY DOES IT MATTER NOW? I say it doesn't. THE PAST 5 OR 8 YEARS HAVE DEFINITELY BEEN A GOLDEN AGE FOR ALL OF US IN THE HOBBY...there's certainly no public outcry for a delivery medium with higher sound quality...or video quality. Japan has had analog HDTV since I was ten years old, and how long has that taken to really "take off" in the rest of the world? ANYHOW, WE ALL NEED TO ENJOY THE RECORDINGS OF THE MUSIC WE ALREADY HAVE, and stop thinking about a future time that might not be so terrific...
My reference for comparison is the Cal CL-15. I purchased the SCD-777ES late January. My system now consists of Thiel CS2.3s, McCormack DNA2 LAE, EVS Attenuator, Harmonic Tech cables and cords, Shaki stone and onlines, PS Audio P300, Room Lenses, Rosinante Dark Matter Shelves for 777, and a Polycrystal UHD amp stand. The 777 is better in regular CD play back in every way as compared to the Cal Cl-15. It took the described 400 hours breakin everyone reports. SACD payback the the next best thing to live music. The dynamics, imaging, frequency extension and soundstage is superior to standard CD. I use the 777 in the custom mode. I have 20 SACD disks; the DMP disks are the best. I found positiion of the Room Lenses very sensitive to optimize system sound but is worth the investment. The application of the Auric Illuminator CD treatment further enhances the resolution of the highs and midrange. The use of the Rosinante Dark Matter Shelf enhances the resolution also. If any only plays CDs, sell your preamp and use the EVS attenuator for volume control. For $225 you can't beat it. In general I am extremely happy with the SCD-777ES. I do admit that I never heard a $10K turntable set-up but after hearing SACD who cares...
I guess anybody who wants to hear something other than those 20 SACD titles you have might care. The Vinyl hobby isn't a big deal, so it's fun to use it now, and not wait 10 years for the title to be available on SACD (if that format actually does win)...

Sacd is not only alive and well it got better, New Sacd players are amazing .Venus and esoteric disc are to die for. They can compete on vynil.

SACD is alive. "Well" is another story.

The better format, HDCD, never really got off the ground, sadly.



Another +vote for Dark Side Of The Moon (SACD), Wish You Were Here (SACD).

Animals (SACD) will be released soon. Now, if only we can obtain The Wall on SACD.


Happy Listening!

I have around 100 SACDs, all Classical.  Also May Blu Rays, audio only Blu Rays, and DVD Audio discs.  Not every SACD sounds great, and yes I have plenty of well recorded RedBook and High Resolution downloads that are hard to beat .  Generally speaking, however, a well recorded SACD can be a special experience, both in 2 Channel or multichannel 



Absolutely! There is value in CD, DVD-A and SACD discs.


Happy Listening!