Rogue Hybrid Integrated fine, then one channel silent

Tried a different set of tubes that I purchased from a private seller (GE 12AU7) and all was working well and sounding great, listened for a couple of hours and shut it down for the night. Turned the amp on this morning, let it warm up for a 1/2 hr. and put some music on and right channel totally silent. After checking all cables from source and speakers, with heart pounding, thinking something went wrong with the amp, shut it down and put the original tubes in and all is well. I'm totally new to tube gear, is it possible for a tube to go bad overnight and there not to be any sound? Both tubes were glowing equally, really hoping it's the tube and not an issue with the amp


It’s the tube. Those GE tubes are over 50 years old. If you want to verify that it is the tube just swap the left and right tube and see if the problem moves to the left channel!!

Unfortunately that is one of the pitfalls of NOS tubes.   In theory , they should have infinite shelf life because the parts are in a vacuum.  Sometimes a tube will loose vacuum ,  but in that case the silver getter flashing usually will turn a white or Sulphur color.   

I honestly think a lot of "NOS" tubes aren't really new , they are used that test strong.  I usually only buy NOS tubes from Upscale or Brent Jessee.   


For what it's worth I am using g JJ 12au7 Gold pin in my preamp and they sound excellent. 

Maybe I'm over simplifying but when you have tube gear and something goes sideways, it's the tube.

Just very happy that everything is fine with the original tubes in the unit, I believe they are JJ units. I'm pretty sure the GE are not NOS, more like OS . I will be much more careful in the future when purchasing used tubes.

The right channel output unexpectedly and suddenly “fatally went” on my REGA ISIS VALVE cdp/DAC.

- It was a “failed” output tube …. yes, ….BUT….

- it was also a bit more than just an isolated tube alone BECAUSE of of further damage from that failed tube,

Kindly let me explain .

- I i took it in to a pro tech to scope it out. YES …. it was a single sudden failure of an output tube …. BUT ….that failed tube somehow also created a power surge overload that also fried some resistors and ? (I’m no techie …) on the main board.
- It required a pro tech added repairs for about $600 + the added discretionary costs of a new full set of quality tubes.

- Under his recommendation to replace them all together in a high-end unit after a nine year run from new, ….All four tubes were also upgraded to a matched set of brand NOS MULLARDs.

(who knew?) . But that was another further discretionary added $600 (ChaChing! …but well worth it in an improved audio performance. .


(1);May I suggest that you have a pro tech check it over first instead of casually assuming it’s “just the tube”, it is a very cheap but potentially important cost of insurance.

(2) All tubes are NOT created equal.

Well now, sorry to hear that, I'm hoping something like that won't rear it's ugly head in my case.