Rodney Crowell's new album Triage

Was just looking to make a vinyl purchase/order with Elusive Disc and saw where Rodney has a new album named Triage, being a fan I played the video of the song, Something has to give, that was provided on the Elusive Disc sight and was blown away by the slide trombone played on the song. The musician used a toilet plunger cup to cup the horn as he played in the way a trumpet player would and it was beautiful, never saw this technic before and found it very interesting. Check it out. Enjoy the music
Had the lp on pre-order for a while. Heard it through streaming last week. Fantastic!
Rodney is one of the most consistent artists working right now. Great songwriter and singer, great taste in accompanying musicians. I wish his autobiographic masterpiece The Houston Kid would be issued on LP. A perfect album, in my Top10 of all time list.
he also wrote an incredible autobiography, I think its called chinaberry sidewalks. he’s one of the best. I just ordered the CD, signed, I try to support those artists I admire/appreciate in ways I can.
Right you are @rpeluso. The book is a sort of companion piece to the Houston Kid album. He toured in support of the album, playing the Roxy Theater in Hollywood. The club was filled with other songwriters and singers, and the hippest musicians in town. Dave Alvin was sitting at the table next to my woman and I.

Speaking of musicians, he brought with him on the road only two sidemen: his longtime guitarist Steuart Smith, and the great Jerry Scheff on electric bass. Fantastic!