Request recommended cables for my system.

If anyone has a system similar to mine and has found moderately priced cables, (IC, speaker, PC), with good synergy I would appreciate your input. I like a lively sound with low tight bass and extended highs and natural mids. I listen to a lot of Blues, and occaisionally any thing from Metallica to Mozart.

I think I would rather concentrate on I.C.'s and speaker wire for now because because they may be my weak link?

My system:

Sony SCD-777ES > First Sound Presence Deluxe Mk 11

First Sound Presence Deluxe Mk 11 > Plinius/Spectron amps

Plinius SA100 > bass modules of Von Schweikert VR5

Spectron M11 > mid/treble modules of VSR VR5

Cables I use now are older and include; old AudioTruth Argent and Audioquest Cobalt speaker wire.

IC's are JPS Superconductor +, and Purist Elementa.

PC's are CPCC Top Gun Special to Sony 777, CPCC 20 Amp Model 11 + to Sound Appications, CPCC Model 11 to Plinius, Shunyata Viper to Spectron, Sidewinder Gold to First Sound Pre, also using a Sound Applications power conditioner.

Thanks for any input,

I don't know if this will give you the answer you were hoping for, but perhaps it might be a step in that direction...

You mentioned what you were wanting your system to sound like (I think) but you fail to mention what it sounds like right now with your current ICs and cables. If you can detect a weakness (for lack of better words) you might find that a certain IC/cable has qualities to rectify that weakness. I'd need to know what type of benchmark we were starting from before I give you my $.02 on IC/cable advice.

Starting all over with new stuff is a crap shoot at best. There are so many variables that you might just want to try using the additive approach- especially in a system that has positive attributes already. You may lose what you love in your quest for a complete makeover. Make sense?

Best of luck
Before you buy any cable, contact Silent Audio and test drive the Apollo-A. I use them in my all Krell (big Class A's) system. They better cables costing 10 times the price.

Tend to agree with 6ix_6ixty_6ix that "Starting all over…is a crap shoot at best. There are so many variables…" However, if that is only alternative I would try to buy all cables from a single manufacturer (including P/Cs). They have the advantage of all being voiced similarly and should work well together.
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6ix 6ixty 6ix,

I really find it really hard to describe what is missing. Actually it sounds pretty darn good, but I want to feel goosebumps, nirvana when I listen. If there is anything I feel is missing it is kind of an organic sound if that makes any sense, like I guess just more natural. I have dynamics, good bass, extended clear highs.

I have tried long wall/short wall, tube rolling, toe in, etc, ad nauseum, but it has been a long time since I have changed cabling, especially the speaker cable. The old AudioTruth/Audioquest speaker cable is really getting long in the tooth.

I have considered trying something like Audience Au24 due to good reviews.

The CRL cables advertised on Audiogon right now are amazingly priced and meet your sonic preferences. I also feel Ridge Street Audio makes some exceptional cables. Another option is Oritek, of which the X-1 is an amazing value.

Man, I know that feeling!!

This sounds like an emotional request in that you want to be closer to the music. Correct? Well, here's my $0.02:

If you read the ads and reviews- products will take you there. I do agree that a nice pre or set of cables can make your system "fun" again but I don't read those ads much anymore...

You might think this sounds absolutely crazy but I think it's worth mentioning. I listened to my system in total darkness three nights ago for the first time in I don't know when and I had that "organic" emotional connection all over again. The only reason I can think of is that when I look at my system (lights on)- I see weaknesses. I'm looking at my components and wondering how much I can get out of them. I'm dreaming of the next thing that will send me over the moon. I want to change stuff, buy more, and mix it all up.

With the lights out and/or eyes closed, I can focus on the MUSIC.

This is an addiction we have here not unlike OCD! The other aspect of that addiction (besides the never ending quest for better gear) is the feeling we get when listening to a great performance being properly reproduced. Sometimes we get it in our head that we need something to be able to enjoy things again and it's hard to dismiss that. I say treat yourself to ONE set of speaker cables (something economical) and see if that makes your heart sing. I like the advice you received with regard to sticking with a single manufacturer- it increases your chances for success.

I built the infamous CAT5 cables* and they sucked for the first month. Now, they melt me....or is that just the 'Coltrane? ;-)

* I don't like what they do at sub 40Hz- too synthetic and weak. They are being used in a biamp set up with a cut off at 60Hz. Heavy copper for the low end- cheapo Signal Cable Ultra is doing the trick for now.
Greeting, DH Labs "Air Matrix" are hard to beat. If you want to spent more I would try "Revelation Audio Labs" they have a 30 money back guarantee, so you can try risk free.
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Tvad, I own a number of these cables and have found them all their cracked up to be and then some, so I can't say I ever returned one.

You say the refund was "problematic". Did you get your money back or not? Did you return them within 30 days?

It seems to me, if your going to talk negatively about a product you could at least be specific. You never said why you didn't like them in the first place...
Organic and natural?? Tvad is right on by suggesting Purist Audio interconnects. They are highly detailed yet render a superior musicality that I have heard in no other cable at any price. The Ridge Street Poiema!!! are also an excellent choice if you are looking to improve detail and dynamics.

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Thanks for all your responses. PAD cables may be a good choice. The only experience I have had are with my PAD Elementa's which are older than dirt and they were the bottom of PAD's line. I had to send them back to Jim Aud once because the fluid inside had evaporated? He refilled them, but now it seems there is very little fluid again,(You can see through them if you hold them up to a bright light to see the fluid). Has anyone ever had this problem before?
P.S. I especially agree with 6ix_6ixty_6ix in the sense that it is an "emotional need to be closer to the music".

I too have listened in total darkness and it does seem to help to get into the music without analizing your gear.

By the way, 6ix_6ixty_6ix, how did you know I had OCD? Has my audio shrink been talking with you??!
You have an 'audio shrink'!!!?? I need to upgrade to one of those; I only have an Audio Advisor. 0_0
I want to thank all who have responded, and having done some research, I plan on replacing all IC's and speaker cable with Paul Speltz's anti-cable and anti-IC. I have read a lot of good feedback on AA and here on the Gon. Their price is very low and you get a 30 trial period from Paul. If anyone would like to chime in on their experience with the anti-cables, please do.

i have auditioned many cable products. there is something special about chimera labs products. this is my reference cable. i am a fuss pot when it comes to sound.

his design and materials used are quite interesting. go to his web site and look into his .