Reel Surround sound : TACET

I wonder if 360  degree music , sounds realistic ?
Violin in the back of one ´s head  ??
Another way to use a 5.1 Home Theater system . 

Any opinions ?


It is often fun and fascinating but it is less real if your standard for "real" is the traditional arrangement of orchestra and audience.

I haven't heard the recordings, but I would imagine the biggest benefit of multichannel orchestral recording is capturing the sound of the recording hall as opposed to putting you in the lap of the second violinist, though that could be fun too. 😆


Several Japanese companies, Sony and Yamaha I believe, have attempted to leverage surround speakers to create this kind of in-the-hall experience.  It all sounded pretty hokey at the time, but perhaps with more processing power available today it sounds better?




Thanks for your opinions.  I may try some downloads.

Sure that a HT system does not sound as good as a two channels system for 

music .  This 360 degree format may bring another pleasant  ´´ flavor ´´ .