recommended speaker cables and interconnects

trying to upgrade step by step my stereo system, after not dealing with it for awhile.
right now have 3 kinds of speaker cables.
old audio quest , and an old monster cables.
a bit newer Kimber cable that are too short for my current configuration.
for interconnects, one pair of MIT mi-330
and one pair of Audioquest Ruby 2.
looking to upgrade for moderate price.
can’t give a budget range cause i am not familiar with the prices .


Look at materials and construction style.  +Zanfino.  Wireworld describes each series very well to see this.  Educational.  Usually, OCC $$$ better than OFC $$.  Teflon/PTFE and cotton better than PVC for lead insulation.  Connectors matter too.  Or, if you're handy, save money, or want satisfaction, go DIY.  It's not really hard.  Can avoid soldering with clamp/screw style connectors or not.  Start with speakers.   Then do ICs.  Source materials via  internet like Soniccraft or Parts Connexion.  Look here to learn/see one plan  I did these first attempt.  Extremely happy.  Saved $$$.


Audio Envy. Their new(er) ribbon type has incredible resolution. sounded thin for about a week, then Bam. slammin tight bass with the great resolution. Pass 250.8 and Legacy Sig SEs. 1/3 the price of the wire they replaced. very happy with them.



I have a number of Straight Wire interconnects. These were recommended as my first high end interconnects. My first big purchases of interconnects. The sounded terrible in my system. This was forty years ago. I bought something else… anyway these have been in my cabinet for decades. A couple years ago, I found them. I thought, “what the heck… let’s see what these sound like?” I put the in to my system today… I was shocked.. they sounded fantastic… better than my DH Labs, Cardas, Harmonics,…. And a couple others. 

Analysing what happened. Well, in general, the interconnects were too good for my system. My system had too much high frequency hash and distortion and my speakers were extremely fast and accurate which these very high quality interconnects transmitted thorough the system. I ended up putting warm copper interconnects and a really warm Cardas speaker cable to make my system sound good. 

‘Thirty five or so years later… I imagine the current versions are probably amazing. I would check them out.