Recommend Sony Amp Repair In Los Angeles

Can someone please recommend someone in or near Los Angeles
to install two resistors in my Sony TA-N9000ES multi-channel amp?



I believe there may be mixed reviews from years old threads. My personal experience with them with an amp repair was great. Friendly, fast turnaround. 

It was a warranty issue, so can't comment on rates.

I also used George Meyer 3-4 years ago to repair an out of warranty Cambridge Audio C740 cd player. They did a good job and it was a reasonable price. shipping was a killer since I live in HI but thats not due to them. Turnaround was quick and not had issues since then. I would have no issue sending them an amp assuming no specialist techs found for the things I own.
I've had great service from Bijan at Hi-Tech Electronics in the valley. He's taken care of some of my SAE gear and I've very pleased with his service of my vintage gear.

there's a location called "solutions" in los angeles. their location is by vermont and sunset. their phone number is 3236664161. and also "george meyer tv" in west los angeles. their number is 3238201113
I got it repaired at Isidore Electronics for $85.

The resistors were not the problem.

Thanks to all of you for your suggestions.