recommend me good power cable , thanks

Hi everyone,

So far I have listened to Black sand Violet Z1, Virtual Dynamics Master 2.0, and Nordost Valhalla.
Currently I only have my Violet Z1 because I don't think the sound of the Nordost Valhalla is good enough to let me keep it.

Can anyone recommend me some good power cables so I can stop thinking about power cable ^_^ anymore?

My preference: live music, soundstage, detail, soul, sweetness, bass.

There are lots of very good power cables from a dizzying number of manufacturers today. The problem is that like all cables, how these power cords perform in your system, is dependent on what components you have and the synergy,or lack thereof, that they will produce with your gear. I, or anyone else here, could go on and on recommending cables from specific manufacturers all day, like, Shunyata Research, Electraglide, Stealth,Gutwire,Bogdan,Kimber, etc, etc, etc, and even if we knew your exact components, the truth of the matter is that only by trial and error listening to a variety of cords in your own system are you going to truly find just what PC is the right one for your specific piece in your system. Unfortunately there is no silver bullet shortcut to this situation.
..i would try a jps 'aluminata' ..i have tried most of the pcs you mentioned and the 'aluminata' is much better my system...the crystal cable 'ultra' is also a great pc which has most of the strengths of the 'aluminata' and more detail..good luck
I have done a lot of experimenting with power cords. Make your own. Use either Furutech F1 series connectors or Oyeida 046 series with Accrolink cable and you will be very pleased. If you decide to go with a factory cord, do not be predisposed by any suggestion...try it in your own system. Even with the same brand of cable, your amp, and preamp may like different cables. Experiment.
Your comment about your comparison of a high end Nordost PC to your Black Sand Violet Z1 PC is exactly why I've stuck with Black Sand PC's while the rest of my system has evolved. I've gone from just OK IC's and SC's to better, and now I've got Kubala Emotion IC's and Kubala Expression SC's. All the while my Black Sand Mark V's and Violet Z1's have withstood the test of allowing the better IC's and and SC's to stand out.
I've been very pleased with the TelWire pc on my cdp.
As mentioned above, synergy is the name of the game.
I've read great reviews of pc's from Agon members whose opinions and preferences I respect.
They rave about a pc, I purchase that pc and put it in my system and it sounds nothing like I was hoping it would sound like.
ALWAYS-if possible-try before you buy.
Good Luck!
When you do find all your preffs in one cable, do let us know which one it is/was.

I've yet to find one cable which supplies every listed item... and only via a combination of cords did I get those items into the whle of my rig... and some are suited for tubes better than they are suited for SS. Some go with anything at all, and some are component dependant.... as was said already.

I do prefer combining different companies cables though.
I have to agree with Blindjim...Just like speakers and equipment..No different..Whats good for one may not be good for another..Its all about your ears and System Synergy......
Synergistic Research makes the best power cords I've ever heard. FYI, I've also tried Nordost, Shunyata, Accrolink, Purist, VD, and a few others.
The Kaplan Cables available over at are making quite an impression on many people, for half the price of many of the others, or less.

I have an all Cary system and after trying several cords, the Synergistic Research cords definately gave me that wow factor. Especially the Hologram D on my CDP.

For a budget cord that works wonders try PS Audio's Power Punch cords for about $50 a half meter. These are a real value.
I've had very good success with the Zu Audio cables. Most of my Zu cables are the Bok power cord. They are very good at lowering the noise floor and improving the soundstage, plus vocals and acoustic instruments sound more natural. I had always been curious about the Zu Mother but hesitated because the reviewer cautioned that the difference bewteen the two cables were subtle. However exhcanges with other Audiogoners indicated that the difference between the two cable was not as subtle as the reviewer suggested. I took the plunge and just bought a Zu Mother power cord and it exceeded my expectations! They do everything the Bok does but just better and not marginally so. Now I'm hot to trot to replace all of my Bok power cords with Mothers. Happy listening.