Rear ported speakers?

Hi group,
I've been eyeballing a used pair of rear ported Spendor 3/1 stand mount speakers. I have always used sealed     speakers. The speaker would be placed with the rear a minimum of 12 inches out from the wall behind them. Do you think that would be a problem? 
This is from the Spendor site.

The Classic 3/1 delivers a truly captivating sound with unprecedented transparency and dynamic contrast. Efficient, easy to drive and equally at home with tube or solid-state electronics, analogue or digital sources, it always delivers consistent enjoyable sound. A versatile dedicated stand-mount that will work in smaller rooms and close to walls, the Spendor Classic 3/1 offers the ultimate in pure listening pleasure.

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Lotsa variables in play, but they certainly could work.  Depends on your room/floor construction, equipment, placement, stand height, etc.  Spendor made some great speakers, so I'd be eager to give them a try and experiment some.
A rear port does not inherently mean a speaker can't be placed near a wall.  Generally, speakers with long ports are pretty good near wall.  And you can't assume sealed of front ported speakers will be good.  I can show you speakers that are front ported or sealed that need more 3-5' of space from the wall for soundstage to come together.  

They are suggesting it is okay so might be worth a shot.  Worst case scenario, you can usually add a port "bung" which will help but it does tend to trim 10-20hz of bass response off so assume you will need a subwoofer.  
That is a very nice speaker overall, and I think that if you can give it that 12" you'll get good results.
I am not a fan of ports, even if far enough from walls, and if ports, front facing, not side or rear.

There are a lot of speakers out there, I say keep looking.

Size limitations? Budget? Are you considering used?
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I have owned many LS3/5a type of speakers that are a sealed design. I love my Harbeth P3ESRs. I came across this used pair of the Spendor 3/1 and was just curious if it would be problematic if close to a wall. I don’t want to get stuck with a speaker that might not be that easy to resell without taking a bath. I think I will pass on them because the seller will not come down on his asking price!!
Maybe his price is fair. I say that because after a long time in retail, and just as a general observation, many people don't feel that they're "getting the deal" unless they get a discount off of what is already a very fair price. 
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 I know what the speaker should sell for. I gave the seller a fair offer. I did not lowball him!