re-tubing Lamm ML 2

For now, I am still using the ML 2 with my Avantgarde Duos, because they make music visceral and are exceptionally lively with few annoying artifacts. (See my separate thread about the possible need to downsize the system when we move to Austin).
I recently decided to retube everything- i leave the Lamm Reference line stage on all the time, so i am pretty good about replacing the tubes in the power supply. I haven't been as diligent in refreshing the amp tubes simply because I haven't put that many hours on them since they visited Vlad for a fix and overhaul a few years ago. (He replaced the on/off switches, a couple sockets, and tubes).
Needless to say, retubing everything was a revelation (I also refreshed the tubes in the Steelhead with NOS stuff) and added a ribbed 1959 tele to the ML2s. Here's the question, though. I had a few frustrations in getting the tube order placed with Lamm (they are very nice people, but it isn't really a big operation). In digging about on the subject, I discovered that Vlad, and only Vlad, knows what tubes work in the V1 and V2 slots on the amps. That effectively means that I can't retube these things from any source but Lamm.
Which may be fine (although it can be a little frustrating) while Vlad is still on this mortal coil. But what happens in the future? Is there a way to get the tubes tested to match the requirements of v1 and v2 slots?
I have used tube amps since the late 60's ( I even have some of those old pieces, from Quad and ARC and they still run fine, with the occasional refresh, re-cap, retube, etc.)
I am not dumping on Lamm here- the amplifiers are fabulous- nor am I looking to save a few bucks (whatever mark-up Vlad may make on these tubes is in my estimation modest, given the cost of sourcing NOS tubes, like those in the Steelhead, on the open market). The question is, am I captive to the manufacturer for these tubes, and what happens if Vlad is no longer around?

There is no black magic in replacing the big 6C33 tubes in your Lamm's. What you need is someone to match pairs of those tubes. The problem is there are not that many people with the tools to do it properly. My local tech replaced a matched pair that I purchased from Lamm after one of the tubes went bad after a couple of weeks.
He said the tubes need hours on them before they stabilize to get proper test results from them for the matching.
The tubes are relatively cheap on ebay, but you need to buy many for testing to get matched pairs.
I will be retubing my Lamm's soon. Eight 6C33 cost less that $120 shipped, I will pay my tech for the matching which should cost a lot less that the $90 each I paid the last time I bought them from Lamm.
I don't know what tubes are in there as stock. If you have a camera post pictures of the tube on audio asylum (tube asylum). Also Tubemonger has a large library of tube photos to help you identify yours.
Mechans: sorry, my post wasn't clear. We know what tube it is, the question is the particular characteristics of it. See my response to PCosta, just below.
Pcosta: and that's the only issue, P? I thought that one of the tubes was used for output and the other for voltage regulation (?) and that each had to have different electrical characteristics to operate properly. Maybe, in my ignorance, i am confused- Lamm even cautions against swapping the V1 and V2 tubes lest you damage the amp; I would think that if it were simply a question of 'matching' the tubes would be 'swappable.' Certainly not trying to argue with you, since you are obviously attempting to help me, just trying to better understand the art or science of this. Best,
and thanks, both, for the responses.

I have the ML1 amps and I have the same warnings. My local tech matched me some 6C33 tubes from his stash and they have been good till now.
I do not know enough to say much more, but my tech wasn't scared off by the warnings. Perhaps get and answer from Vlad. I know the testing is speacialized and that is what you are paying top dollar for when you source them from Lamm. But I was not that happy when I paid $180 for two 6C33 tubes and one failed after a couple of weeks. Then my tech asked for $40 for a good pair that he knew were good.
Thanks, P. Like your system. I remember when Highwater Sound opened.
Assume you are in greater NYC area, as am I.
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