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Has anyone compared the EMT 139st phonostage to others ?
Hans of  ing. J.P. (Hans) van Vliet the Netherlands EMT specialist has built his "own" version of the Neumann WV2 phono for use in the EMT 927 and 930 with the proper power supply. I am quite interested in one for my 927.  Anyone have a chance to... 
Does anyone have experience with the Jena Labs "Step It Up" SUT?
Since they are using CineMag transformers you might want to read up on the Bob's Devices.  That is what is being used in those.  I have heard the Bob's Devices Sky Blue 30 with a Ortofon SPU Royal G MK II and it sounded really good.  Those CineMag... 
SME 20/2 Tonearm Ground Wire: Where in the table should be connected?
The ground wire at the RCA end should be connected at the grounding post on your phonostage.  
EMT STX 5/10 Step Up transformer
Anyone able to hear this step-up?  
EMT 948 w/ 929 tonearm.
How new or old is the cartridge.  Have you inspected the stylus?  
TW Acustic Raven AC Owners with 3-4 arms
TW Acustic Raven AC Owners with 3-4 arms
No need in my experience. Find a few soft cover books or fold a towel on top of a hard cover book to protect the plinth from scratching and lift the front of the table put the books under the front high enough to unthread the side you want.  
TW Acustic Raven AC Owners with 3-4 arms
You must remove the bottom corresponding section that holds the footer,  then the top section will unthread from the plinth.    
emt 950, technics sp10 - direct drive sound
There are a couple "new" TSD cartridges with more radical styli instead of the SFL.  You also have a higher option with the Novel.  I have an 80th Anniversary with a sapphire cantilever and a MR HP which I believe stands for micro-ridge high polis... 
EMT STX 5/10 Step Up transformer
I am curious too,  but the price may be more impressive than its performance. https://www.emt-tontechnik.ch/electronics/EMT-STX-5-10  
SME 20/2 Spindle/bearing
Please read your manual on the subject.  Like geof3 said one and done. Also most automotive oils have detergents in them that turntables do not need.  
Review of Quadratic MC-1 SUT With Comparisons to Other SUTs
Any experience with the various Jensen models?  
SME 30/2 Controller
The latest controller works with your table.   I would recommend a new belt.  The o-rings can be moved around to other posts to help the suspension posts all get close to the same height.  I assume the o-rings are fine if the posts are not fully e... 
3 New UBER Decks - Is this Turntable's SwanSong? 🦢
Michael Fremer did not start writing for Sterophile until the 90's. 
Woodsong Garrard 301, Artisan Fidelity 301, Shindo 301, SME 301, or etc.?
No Garrard's for me, but I certainly recognize the appeal.  I have a few friends that own different versions of the 301,  Some with mild mods some extreme, such as CTC chassis, brass platter and big bearing, in a custom plinth with motor controlle...