Raven Audio Corvus Reference Monitors

Has anyone else heard these and fallen in love with them? I just bought some for my home theater/music system.

I have some electrostats and JL Audio Subs currently that I am going to sell along with a set of Apogee Stage speakers that are leaving to make room for the Corvus. The clarity is really something with these. I was previously deciding on Tekton Mini Ulfs or Legacy Aeris speakers. I really loved the Aeris speakers also. 

Anyway, wanted to get some feedback from others that have had the chance to hear these and what their impressions were. I was pretty blown away. I am in Houston so I was lucky enough to go listen to them at Raven Audio and see Dave Thomson again. He is a super class individual. 
You made a great choice especially for the money.  The Aeris are twice the cost.   The Mini Ulf's are still very large.  I experienced the Double Impacts but not the Ulf's.  I heard the Corvus at James Connell's house who was the designer of the speakers.  They were awesome speakers and the finish on the speakers was fantastic..  I just ended up ordering a Viking Acoustic Grande Voix horn speaker but Corvus was a finalist for me.  
I also never heard the mini Ulfs. I was talking to Eric before he ever designed them and we discussed the concept. I ordered them based on hearing the Double Impacts but they took a long time to happen and things happened in my life along the way so I never got them.
I then heard the Aeris at Raven and loved them but they were expensive. I loved the openess of the speakers, but I am not sure they are the most accurate speakers. However, they are great to listen to.

I have spoken to James a few times but have never met him. Very knowledgeable and super nice guy. I really like what he did with the speakers. In my opinion, the clarity is exceptional and they are musical at the same time. Not an easy feat to accomplish. The vocals were like the person was in the room. I have heard various Wilson speakers and I love them also, but again... not sure they are the most accurate. I've listened to so many darned speakers from 3k Tektons to various 6 figure speakers, it's hard to remember them all. But I am not a trained ear or anything. I just want something that I like and have had to spend a lot of time finding it.

I really think (for me anyway) that I found the best compromise of accuracy, musicality and value. I really can not think of any speaker I have heard at any price that is head and shoulders above these. So if a six figure speaker MIGHT be better, and you have to go back and forth to decide, I can’t justify the crazy difference in price. Everything has a positive in some columns and a negative in other columns. Nothing is perfect.

I have never heard the Viking speakers you ended up with. I am sure they must sound great. The only horn speakers I ever owned were Klipsch back in the day. My ears tend to like the open sound of an open baffle or electrostat, but I like the accuracy of conventional drivers. I am not sure how James did it, but these things don;t have any business sounding as open as they do with three conventional drivers.
Hey vitop
I also have a set of Corvus Towers on order. I am hoping to get them soon. I ordered them based on how great my Blackhawk Integrated and CeLest Tower speakers sound. Having spoken with James, Dave and Bryant extensively about the Corvus, and given that the quality of the BH and Celest have met and even exceeded my expectations, I have every confidence the Corvus will perform as advertised. Hopefully when we both have them in our homes we can compare notes :). 

I can't wait to get them. Were you able to listen to them against the Ce'Lest towers? I really wanted to buy the Ce'Lest because of their price point, but I made the mistake of hearing the Corvus first. I would have been extremely happy with the Ce'Lest if I had not heard the Corvus. The Ce'Lests sound great and are a crazy good bargain.

They are not very large speakers. It still confounds me how they sound so expansive and yet detailed. 
No on hearing the Corvus, and I agree on the Celest’ (you can see my review of them on AG or the Raven product page), they are incredible. If not for Raven’s generous one year upgrade policy my audiophile journey would have ended with the Blackhawk and CeLest’. But that, and the fact I was able to sell my pair wonderful REL S5SHO’s, allowed me to move up to the Corvus, which I am certain will be just more and better of the same great sound I am already experiencing with my CeLest’ Towers. 
Yes, that is exactly what they are. An even cleaner Celest. The sound is similar but cleaner and better. The funny thing is that when you listen to the Celest, you don't think you need cleaner and better.

I am curious the hear your thoughts and see if you agree once you get them.
Supposed to be here  in a couple more weeks if all goes well. “Need” of course being something akin to an oxymoron when it comes to stereo haha. Cleaner is hard to imagine but I really didn’t know clean until I heard the Blackhawk. Talk to you in two weeks hopefully. 
Per James the designer they are Scan Speak. I don’t have any more details than that. 
Any regrets from any Corvus owners? I have a Raven Blackhawk and am very much looking into getting some Corvus Reference speakers with an SVS 4000 sub. Has anybody felt the need to go beyond 20wpc to the Raven reflection mkii? I posted this on the other Corvus thread but resale is the only thing holding me back. Any 2021 Corvus owners / speaker experience.
I have a set of Corvus Reference Towers and they are IMO the single best piece of audio equipment I have ever owned. When I purchased mine I owned a pair of REL subs and planned on pairing them with the monitors, but when I struggled with finding the perfect stands for them I decided to take the easy, though not cheap, route of buying the bass modules, and have not regretted the decision for one second. As good as the monitors are, and they are fabulous, the bass modules take them to a whole other level. If you would like to get some further feedback on them feel free to PM me and we can discuss. 
To the OP let me know when you want to part with the Apogee Stages, I have a pair now and need another.

congrats on your new speakers, I listen to Scanspeak proprietary drivers every day :-) you are in for a treat…. A company, one of the few who deeply understand pistonic motion…

enjoy !!!!

Hi Jim:

I love those Apogees. And your timing is a little spooky. I've gotten older and the Apogees are upstairs where I have not gone to do any critical listening for more than 10 years but in this house I have no room for them downstairs. My wife has wanted me to get rid of them for years but I have stubbornly held onto them because I simply have not heard their equal in a modern speaker. The Corvus in some ways surpasses them but the airiness of the Apogees combined with the detail is a hell of a combination. I finally promised my wife I would sell them a few months ago. I still haven't actually listed them (which I guess is my way of continuing to hold onto them), but your post finally made me do something about them. The Corvus is simply a smaller speaker, which I need for the home theater we have. 
Oh, One more thing.... probably the wrong thread since this should stay Corvus, but am selling my Final Sound Electrostat Home theater system. It’s a 5 speaker system that we used for our home theater. The history is that I love the Apogee sound and was trying to build a home theater to sound like the Apogee so bought the Final Sound electrostats. (no, they don’t match up to the Apogees, but you could buy a center and rears, etc whereas the Apogees were no longer to be found). They sound great and I used them for years but then I heard the Corvus and that was it.... I had to have a set of those so these are for sale also. My wife wants them and the boxes gone, so one hell of a deal for 5 great speakers to anyone interested.....