Rare Willie Nelson album - trying to identify it

I've inherited a Willie Nelson LP that I am trying to identify, just get some background info on it, maybe some history - seems it was recorded live, at one point a person can be heard speaking indistinctly while Willie is still singing - It's heavy vinyl I think (much heavier than anything I'm used to, and I collect Blues records) It has a white label that says "Columbia Recording Studios" across the top, then "Reference Recordings," an address in Nashville, and choices with little boxes - all of that is printed onto the label - then it is stamped in red "c. 1976 CBS, INC."  And finally, in pen, handwritten "WILLIE NELSON SIDE 1" the "stereo" box and the 33 RPM boxes are checked - same on side 2 - "WILLIE NELSON SIDE 2"   There are no other numbers scratched into the vinyl, no paper of any kind, and it is in a blank record sleeve. 
Can anyone suggest something, or maybe even an educated guess?  Is this some kind of singular recording, or a promo of some kind? The fact that voices can be heard talking in the background kind of throws me - it seems that would exclude it from distribution of any kind.
Any help would be truly appreciated
maudie - 

A suggestion:  Consider setting up a "virtual system" entry (can be done from your Profile page, as I recall) and use it to post a picture(s) of the album.  "Worth a thousand words", as the saying goes.
It sounds like it's a test pressing.  That's good.  In '76 he released "The Troublemaker" and "The Sound In your Mind."  Do you recognize any of the songs?
If you want to sell it I’d buy it if the price is reasonable - pm me with your asking price and I’ll reply as soon as possible. 

Thank you you in advance