Nelson Reed Speakers

Would really appreciate some assistance here.
I have 2 pairs of Nelson Reed speakers, the 8-02B and 8-04B which were used with a Mcintosh. I have found some info online but nothing recent for the value of the speakers as I wish to sell them.
You can go to the industry lookup here and there is a link to a website (
with some information. As far as I know the company is no longer in business. I don't think resale will be more than a few hundred dollars a pair.

You could put up an auction ad here on Audiogon.

I remember the speakers and JGH thought highly of them.
I am in CA and would be interested in them 804/B. I had a pair years ago and regret selling them.
I also have a pair of Nelson Reed 804/C in Detroit, Michigan that I would like to sell for $2000 plus shipping and handling, approx $250. Excellent Condition, like new!