Puron Question(s) Thread

Good Day

Recently, I am receiving more and more questions about Puron (as well as FUSE BOX).

I have asked permission to post this type of thread. My goal is to get these questions posted in one place to help interested parties. 

Questions, needs, comments etc. – feel free to post here

This is NOT a sales thread. If you want a sales question answered, please e-mail or send a PM - Thanks 

Best Wishes – Mark


Hi Mark. As a new and happy user, can you explain how it works or point my to another thread if you've answered this?


PS. Not asking for an proprietary info, so I understand if you can't answer this...don't really care that much, just curious.

I’m interested in hearing from owners of Puron Plug-ins where they ultimately placed their filters for best performance? For now, I have 2 in quad receptacle feeding power conditioner & 2 more in first receptacle of SR Powercell 8SE.