Puron Plug-In AC Power Conditioner; Impressions 😁

Over the past 4 months, I kept seeing threads about Puron, but never clicked on the posts as I didn’t really have a clue what they were, and I was so enamored in the performance I was getting with my Swiss Digital Fuse Boxes! Another reason the thread didn’t catch my attention, was I had already implemented a top-notch power line conditioner and this device took my system to a height unimaginable; reducing floor noise to pitch-black backgrounds and rendering ambiance and decay information effortless.

Curiosity got the best of me, and I just had to see what this device was all about… I thought to myself, surely there is nothing out there that can make my pitch-black backgrounds even blacker.

After reading a few threads about Puron and responses from a few fellow Audiophile buddies, I was surprised and elated that Mark from VERA-Fi Audio had come out with another cutting-edge product based upon science. I did a little more homework to determine the consensus on which positions these Puron devices needed to be plugged into.

I reached out to Mark again, who has been Amazing and Generous with his time in explaining some of the attributes of the Puron Plug-In AC Power Conditioner. I knew from that moment, that I would order 2 Puron devices so that I could rule out the possibilities of a blacker background and if this was even a thing?

Shortly after my conversation with Mark, I received shipment notification that the devices were on their way; That’s Top-Notch Customer Service and Lightning-Fast Shipping!

I received the Puron Plug-In AC Power Conditioners and plugged one into the first position of my line conditioner and had my initial listening observation with just 6 hours of use and from my readings, 24+ hours is when this device really starts to excel. I wished I would have read those Puron threads 4 months ago.😊😊

I searched my streaming device (Wood Cabinet) for a few of those silver shiny devices that spins by way of a CD Transport. Cued up some tracks of the music I typically listen to and primarily resolves around acoustic instruments. Did my black background become more blacker? You bet and my ears could not believe what they were hearing. The music took on another level of dimensionality, the sound became fuller, more clarity/warmth, tighter image focus, soundstage became deeper/wider and my Loudspeakers which were already holographic took on another level of Chameleonism. (I made that up) 😆

Still shaking my head, I decided to add the second Puron to my main receptacle feeding my line conditioner and the second Puron took things even further which is quite mind boggling; the sound stage became even wider and deeper, but the sound became more Life-Like. The acoustic guitar occupied a space that was so convincing and realistic that you could reach out and touch… I wasn’t just hearing the neck of the guitar but the body as well; the tone and resonance of the guitar was so beautiful and the Puron allowed the notes to swell and project toward the listener with speed, impact, clarity and the decay and ambiance retrieval were exemplary.

The reduction in floor noise and clarity was obvious upon install but as you begin to listen to more tracks, you start to notice more of the instruments body, a much more open soundstage with more light being shined behind the corners of the Loudspeakers, nuances of texture and solidity of image focus, mimics the event of a live performance…

The Purons have been in my system for over 120 hours and all of the attributes listed above remains but now, my system is sounding more refined, better delineations, the strings of the guitar, whether played softly or forcefully, are presented with greater separation, clarity and with distinction; you can almost feel the emotions of the performer…There is a feeling of more space within the soundstage but it’s the layering within the soundstage that must be noted. Each instrument is clearly displayed within its own space and the listener can discern these differences effortlessly without the performer’s notes merging into one another. Sustainment and decay of notes have improved dramatically which lingers and fades into a black hole of silence and aids in the feeling of listening to a live performance.

My dealings with Mark at VERA-Fi Audio have been “Outstanding” and look forward to more products that comes down the audio pike. I can say without hesitation that I wholehearted Recommend that you try these Puron Plug-In AC Power Conditioners in your system; you won’t be disappointed 😁




Like others, I've had great results with Purons plugged into unused outlets of dedicated AC lines and the first position of Puritan PSM156 conditioners across three stereo systems.

The biggest improvement I've heard is in the recording studio (Michael Greene tunable room); 60A dedicated sub panel, 10AWG dedicated AC line into another Puritan PSM156 conditioner. Remarkable improvement, easily heard through ATC SCM20ASL Pro mkII active studio monitors.

I recently added a Puron to my system's room and could not be happier. The improvement is so great that I am reluctant to share it with you guys because it would be unbelievable. I just think that being in an apartment building there is a lot of grudge in the signal path. One of the best improvements for $250 I can imagine.

@philjolet ,

Yes, I know what you mean. I am in a house with dedicated 20amp lines and I am not returning the Puron. It brought a bit more of the following 3Cs in my system - Clarity, Correctness and Cohesiveness. And that bit is very much noticeable.

I have now had the two Purons installed for over 100 hours, and I am very surprised at the improvement in my system.  The most noticeable effect for me is the improvement in the width of soundstage and the placement of the instruments within it.  At first, I thought that the improvement was merely because I was listening to more well-recorded music, but as I put on more poorly recorded music, the improvement in the soundstage was still evident!  To my ears, the instruments sound more balanced between left and right.  All said, for me this is a great tweak that really improved my system.  Doesn’t make much sense, I suppose, but it is not a subtle improvement!