Puritan psm 156 vs. Audioquest Niagra 5000/7000

Has anyone compared the Puritan psm 156 to the Audioquest niagra 5000 or 7000?


I have not used the Puritan; they seem to be highly regarded and are quite a bit cheaper than the Niagara. I do own the AudioQuest Niagara 7000 and when I added the AudioQuest Dragon Power cord to the Niagara the overall sonic performance increased with the equipment connected to it.

So, not only are you asking for a comparison to 2 different manufacture’s models, but the power cords used will make a difference.

It may not be a simple question...



I have a Puritan PSM 136, and the sound quality is close to the 156. Puritan represents one of the best value/performance bargains on the market. If you are considering moving up to the AQ Niagra, you should also audition the Shunyata Denali v2, which will give the AQs a run for the money.


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