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Solo streamer
Innuos Pulse. Great sound quality and an easy app.   
DAC Comparison - Aurender A200 vs McIntosh C2600
I have the DA2 module in my C2700. My stand-alone DAC is $19K. I smile every time I switch to the DA2, which offers tremendous performance for very little extra cash.  Plan on spending at least $5K on a stand-alone DAC to improve upon the DA2 mod... 
Power Cord for Accuphase Amplifier
@jfrmusic  For the pedigree of the P-4600, I would stick with the stock PC because of your limited budget. A $500 cable will sound the same as a lamp cord, which is basically what it is in a fancy wrapper.   
Amplifier for Dilemma B&W 802D3
The Luxman has the most refined sound. However, the McIntosh pushes way above its weight and is half the price of the Luxman. I would go McIntosh and spend the rest on source components. That's just me, though.   
Amplifier for Dilemma B&W 802D3
@rolee910  I have auditioned the 802s with CODA 16, Rotel Michi M8s, and the Luxman M10X. The Luxman had the best bass and a beautiful midrange. CODA presented as neutral with good power. The Michi's were in between the CODA and Luxman. I would a... 
Interconnect priority
DAC to preamp made the most significant difference in my system. What is lost at the source can't be gained further down the line.   
Sonus Faber Electa Amator III vs. the Bowers and Wilkins 805 D4?
B&Ws are difficult to drive, and they will eat up that Luxman. I am speaking from experience. If you go that route, you will be ok with the mids/highs, however you will not have any bass at all.   
Help with Art Audio Jota tubes
Contact Scott at Verdant Audio.  
A Better Way to Buy Gear - Help Needed
@inagroove  I would never do PP F&F. Also, I dislike cheap people. If this seller can afford this expensive component, I'm sure he/she can absorb the PP fee! Buyer beware.   
Power filtering – Furutech or Puritan Audio?
@toronto416  Congrats on the 156, a great product. Demo a Shunyata if you ever get the chance! The Puritan will be quickly up for sale.   
Power filtering – Furutech or Puritan Audio?
The Puritan PSM 136 & 156 present the best value in power conditioning. However, do not audition a Shunyata Everest or Denali-Typhon T2 combo. I had a PSM 136 and upgraded to the Denali-Typhon combo. It's easily an improvement equal to a $25K ... 
why expensive streamers
@delmatae  I have noticed a paradox among audiophiles lately: They place a tremendous emphasis on the streamer over the DAC. I run a $5K streamer into a $19K DAC. I would never do the converse; the DAC is the heart of the digital system.  A litt... 
Mcintosh C49 C55 C2700 C2800
@referee1  I have a C2700 feeding a pair of MC 611s—a great preamp with outstanding functionality. Also, the DA2 module is outstanding; it will compete with anything up to $5K. I know this because my separate DAC retails for $19K and does everyth... 
Accuphase and B&W 800 series
@rfprice  I can only offer a parallel experience. I tried to power my KEF Reference 1 Meta stand mounts with a Luxman Class A 590 AX II. The little KEFs require a tremendous amount of power to sound good. It was a complete disaster for me! There ... 
Power cords: does length matter?
@emergingsoul  ++1