Price for Klipsch Belle's?

Long story short my neighbor would like to sell his set of 1980's Klipsch Belle's. They still look great with mild cosmetic wear on them. I want to give him a fair offer but can not find a price anywhere? What would be a good offer?
Here is a link to the sold listings from E-Bay. Quite a range of prices. Looks like it depends on finish and condition.
If the crossovers have not been updated or replaced and the finish is not rosewood, I would offer no more then $2,000. That price assumes grilles and wood finishes are not impaired in any significant way. I've tracked these speakers for over twenty years and have found eBay pricing reliable given these are always 'pick up' items. If the drivers, crossovers have been replaced and the wood is the original Brazilian rosewood, a fair price would be $5,000, picked up. One day I will find the latter and purchase a set. Great speakers when paired with tubes. If you know of such, contact me for an immediate purchase.
That sounds funny. You're saying that they're great speakers...if the drivers and crossovers were replaced. I'd be Daniel Craig if my face and body were replaced.
Well, at some point we could all use a 'face lift', in the speaker field that is the need to replace aged out components. The crossover boards deteriorate with age. It is a fact of life. Hey, we could all use some help after fifty or so year, which some of these Belle's are.

"I'd be Daniel Craig if my face and body were replaced."

And with some doctors that could even be Jenny Craig.
let me be this first to welcome myself to the group..purchased a pair of klipsch belles a while back..wondering if someone is able to tell me thier age by the seriel #,,8722499,8748500..thanks...i beleive around 1979,,

This may help.