Power Cables

Any recommendations for power cables under $500 for 

Streamers or DACs?


Please tell me your reasons for any you recommend. 


Just finished burning in my IceAge Frankencable power cord with a little over 50 hours. 


On my Aurender N20 it significantly improves the overall sound and presentation of my system. Smooths out the highs making them even more refined but the biggest improvement was soundstage in both width and depth. An excellent result. 

My MSB DAC has two power supplies. One for the digital conversion and one for the analog output. There was a similar improvement when the cable was connected to the digital power supply and a less noticeable improvement on the analog supply but still an improvement. 

On my Accuphase P-4600 amplifier there was no improvement in fact it slightly compressed the image. As I may have mentioned Accuphase strongly recommends  that you use the supplied cable only. So I have not found a cable that is more compatible. 

So  the Frankencable is on the Streamer and I ordered two more for the DAC. 

@jfrmusic good deal! I recommend you try one of these on the amp despite the Accuphase claim. I haven’t yet come across an amplifier that didn’t benefit from a good power cord. 


I noted in my results that I tried it on the Accuphase amplifier. It was not better than the stock cable. Accuphase strongly recommends that you use the supplied cable. This is the second alternative cable I’ve tried and in both cases the Accuphase supplied cable was better. So for now I’m sticking with the Accuphase cable. 

Puritan Classic + cables fit in your price range. I slowly added them in to most of my power connections. While I did not hear an "oh my god the earth just shook" difference, I did notice an audible difference in clarity. YMMV.