Power cable for Supratek Syrah?

I'm looking for recommendations for power cables that match up well with a Supratek Syrah preamp. I'm looking used and on a budget, under $200. The preamp has been retubed with NOS Sylvania 6sn7's, RCA black metal 6l6's, Mullard 6gk5's, Raytheon 5842's, and a Phillips Miniwatt GZ34. Associated gear is a Tube Tech Fusion CD64, Cary 300B Sig monos, and Alon Lotus SE MKIII speakers. Thanks!
Hi Jond. Your better off swapping out the 6l6 metals first as they sound just dreadful in the Syrah.A far bigger improvement than any aftermarket cable will give you with the syrah. Cheers
Heard from other Supratek users that the Moray James PC is a good way to go. Once my Chenin arrives, I'm going to start off with a cryo Virtual Dynamics Power Three. I've got an extra of those but no Moray James ;).
I don't know about power cords, but you need to shit-can those 6l6's. Trust me on this. EVERYTHING I've tried has sounded better.

My experience with my Supratek must be vastly different than Ecclectique's.

I think the metal 6L6's are terrific. I run WE 350 B's, but I have tried numerous regulators, including GEC KT66's. After the WE 350 B's, the metal 6L6's are my first choice.
I have to say I like the metal 6l6's but I'm open to alternatives. Got any? Also this isn't really helping me with the power cord search, if you have any pc recommendations please share.
Have you checked the "preamp deal of the century" thread? I'm sure what your looking for has already been discussed in there. After you print it out, it should only take a week to read throught it (tongue in cheek). :-) Since the agon search engine is so bad, it's nice to have everything in one huge definitive thread (ala AVS Forums). Happy hunting!