Pass Labs XA 30.8 Standby power draw?

I know that purchasing a Class A amplifier and being concerned with standby power draw is a bit of an environmental friendly contradiction, but does anyone know how much power a Pass Labs XA 30.8 draws when in standby mode?  The only power consumption figure that I can find is 375 watts in operating mode. 
Your question got me curious so I decided to measure my XA30.8.  In standby mode, with only the little blue LED light on, it measured a mere 0.3 watts.  Perhaps it's powering little more than the LED in this mode?  When turned completely on but with no music playing it measured about 265 watts.  With music turned on and at a volume higher than what I'm comfortable listening to I got it up to 290 watts draw.  I suspect the 375 watts is calculated based running it flat out at maximum possible power output.

When I'm not listening to it I leave it the 0.3 watt mode.  Once fired up all the way I find (and have read) that it take up to 1 hr to be fully warmed up.
Thanks for the responses.  Yes, 375-400W when powered on is what Pass publishes. I am however surprised by such a low standby draw of only 1/3 watt.  For some reason, I was expecting more of a power draw in standby mode.  
How did you measure the "power" consumption at various stage? If current draw, where on the amp? 
@kalali, I know that there is a device that plugs into a wall socket and then you plug in the amplifier into the device and it measure the power draw. 
I just used a Kill-a-Watt meter which you plug the amp into directly and then into wall socket as @testpilot mentioned. I was surprised of the tiny consumption in standby.  Honestly, at 265 watts I could leave the amp turned on 24/7 and the cost at my utility rate would only be $14/mo.
You got me wondering about my Krell 300cx as I forgot its specs.Standby = 60wIdle = 175wKickin' ass = 1700wNo wonder Lake Mead is about empty.  Blame it on Krell.
Put your hand on the amp when you get up in the morning while it is in standby mode if it is cold you are drawing very little like the 0.3 watts suggested. 
Just to close out this thread, Pass Labs confirmed what three-easy-payments measured that  the standby power draw of a XA 30.8 amp is 0.2 to 0.3 watts.