Outlet - Shunyata vs Hubble 20 amp

Trying to decide between these two 20 amp outlets.

Shunyata SR-Z1 is cryogenically treated and built well, cost $100.

Hubble makes a hospital grade outlet HBL 8300 for about $30-$40.

Should I stick with Shunyata since I use their Power cords and cables? Anybody know anything about these outlets?


Is the outlet from shunyata nickel plated?

They don’t say on their website, it’s very limited they only say brass.

Seems like the same product as Hubble, except they stick it in the freezer for a few days.


I use and like these Hubbell 5362 outlets. Very natural midrange to my ears. 

I would like to hear the Shunyata Copperconn which is available through dealers but are very expensive at $300 or more per duplex.


The current manufacture 8300 Hubbell is apparently not as good as the 5362.

Is this isolated grounding what's the model number ? I read above the nickel plating is not a good idea