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Hello to all...

Are there any formalized groups out here on Long Island, NY - with meetings and/or listening sessions with other interested folks?

I live in Merrick...

None that I know of.
I am in Glen Cove. I know another member midway between Merrick and Glen Cove. Maybe we can hook up?
Back in the day, there was a club that met in Westchester, Rye NY specifically -- the NY Audio Society was what I think it was called, after a couple people passed on, I think it quit meeting, but I may be wrong. There was also a Chinese Audio Society and we’d have these yearly dinner get togethers at one of the big banquet halls in Chinatown. One of the goals was to order some of the craziest food on the menu and see if we’d eat it, so we had snake soup, and all kinds of exotic stuff. It was actually a lot of fun. This was back in the ’80s. I don’t even know who to tell you to talk to at this point, since my main connection to the club died in 1991 and I lost touch with some of the other members a few years later. They used to even publish a magazine.
The clubs were a great way to interact, meet new people, have record swap meets informally, etc. Not much serious listening got done and that part was usually the low point of most of the meetings.
There is a club in Philly and another one that Peter Ledermann has attended, but I forget where it is. I just remember a photo of his disc cutting efforts showing up in a blog from that club.
There is a group called NY Audio Syndrome consisting of Long island and NYC members . Monthly meeting held at members homes but with COVID everything is on hold.


Not much activity on this board but you can contact "Rollo" for more info and get on their emailing list

Audiophile's Anonymous?
I hate to say we exhibit some of the same behaviour as the other group.
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We have opened a Listening Room in Northern New Jersey and will be holding events next month.  PM me for more info or if you and a few friends what to come in for a listening session.