Opinions on Audio Note ANj speakers

I have an Audio Note P2SE amplifier with upgraded internal wiring, caps, tubes and like it very much (except on hot days...). I power a pair of Linn Keilidhs with it and the results are OK. I have recently auditioned a pair of the top of the line Audio Note ANj/SPx speakers in conjunction with an Ongaku integrated amp and Kondo interconnects, DAC 5 and other outrageously priced stuff.

My question is to anybody that owns Audio Note J or E speakers; what do you think of them? I have sold my Linns and have only my old spendor ls3/5a speakers to listen to and they are not suitable for my large room. My audio consultant says the J or E model is perfect for me needs.


I can e-mail you quotes from customers who have heard them here. They are unreal. I won't even mention the brands that have been sold in order to get these speakers. If you are interested call me for details. I will e-mail you customer comments also if you let me know you would like.
I have the Audio Note E-SECs and, frankly, feel blessed. However, my story begins with the cheapest AN-Es. I brought them into my home on a lark, just a data base enhancing sort of move to further appreciate my Kharma Ceramiques which were four, that's right 4, times the price. Within a few days I stopped listening to the Kharmas, because I preferred the ANs. Then I sold the Kharmas and ordered the AN-E-SECs. The condition of the purchase was that I have on loan the Es until the E-SECs arrived: the Audio Note's kind of ruin you for any other speakers, sound stage, tonality, transparency....

Another awakening to my former beliefs is how good the Js sound: simply, better than any other monitor I have listened to, and I have auditioned at least a dozen in the past two years.

Jim says check 'em out!
I have the E-SEC top of the line Audio Notes. They are the most and only satisfying speakers I have ever heard. You just listen to the music and don't care about the equipment.
My affliction with audio disease is finally coming to an end!
I acquired a pair of ANj/L speakers and am very happy with them being driven by a Parasound hca 1206 amp (audio note tube amp will be employed when I move into the new home in a month).

I liked them so much I bought a pair of used ANk/L speakers for 640 for the front mains of the home theatre system. The intent is to hang the ANk speakers off the ceiling for SAF reasons. I think they will still sound wonderful.

I find myself listening to the home theatre in stereo mode with the ANj speakers and not using dolby digital nearly as much. The speech is much clearer with the Audio Note speakers.