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Whats on your turntable tonight?
Beethoven's Piano Concertos with Glenn Gould at the piano. 
Need a smaller, efficient floorstander
Consider Audio Note; they run 93 to 95 dB. 
Insight w/ kora hermes 24/192 DAC?
I thought the Kora DAC a great value. However, I preferred the Audio Note DAC 1.1X at about the same price point. 
LP shelf recommendations?
You might Google "Tony's woodshop" 
Your Favorite Chet Baker Recording
"Chet Baker" I adore what he does for the trumpet: purely lyrical. His crew is terrific and includes an ascending Bill Evans. I would agree that this album does benifit in that Chet does not sing. 
I need a female jazz vocalist. No Krall, No Norah
I like Shirley Horn and Patricia Barber. 
Tuners and Antennas
You can and you will lose 3 to 6 dB. All that said, try it and see if your ear can tell the difference on your favorite stations and then on some fringe stations too. 
Who is your overall favorite guitarist?
I have been going through a Ralph Towner (solo) phase lately. 
Is a audiophila suicid to ship 150lbs overseas ?
Consider BAX. 
DAC decision, help please
I would consider an Audio Note 1.1X. There are reviews of Audio Note DACs on GoN and Audio Asylum. Jim. 
Review: ISO 1100va AC filter
I, too, champion the use of an ISO. I initailly employed two, one each for my DAC and transport. The difference is the clarity and the immediate eradication of what I call the "digital haze" in the "air" about the musical artists, much like the ha... 
Kharma Ceramique questions
IMHO, the differences are subtle. The Ceramique 2.0 benifited by a firm support surface, in my particular instance a plinth. Jim. 
Best Dac you ever heard
The finest I've heard to date. 
Tenor amps..."to pre or not to pre"
A correction and my apologies audio fans. The M-5 does, indeed, have a volume control and a nice one at that. It does not have a remote capability. When I was a die-hard remote volume control guy and would not even consider a pre amp without a rem... 
Tenor amps..."to pre or not to pre"
Brian,The M-5 preamp has no volume control; BUT, it is worth getting up for! Peter Q, of AN, has tried remotes and they degrade the sound. Regards,Jim a former M-5 owner and currently an M-6 addict.