Just noticed I haven't seen him post in a while.  Maybe that last McIntosh thread put him over the edge?  Or maybe his chickens got him?  Or, maybe I'm missing something?


I’m glad it was a false alarm.  @Oldhvymec is a true audiophile who generously shares his knowledge in helping others.  If stars were given out, his would be gold.

Wishing him a quick recovery 


*sotto voce*  ...he's down to one finger, and we already know which one took precedence....'obviously', reality or no....🤨

*talk 'Normal"....

*sigh*  Well, so much for another potential 'wake' to get baked @.....*damn*

And thanks for putting the demise theorists' minds out of gear...too much going on, anyway....👌

kennyc I stay in recovery.. LOL You should have seen me tipping up those 350 pounders. I should have put on a dipper. Mercy.. 

Back to the goodies. New toys abound. I need a warehouse. Retirement is too fun..