Odin, Spirit of the Water

And then one dark day in February say on the 28th maybe the 9th, you know a ship sailed in with nary a man on the deck there to hold the line. And lashed to the mast like a ghost from the past was the man who had christened the crime. He said the battle is done and the whale has won it's the last time I'm takin' the line.
OK.  If you say so.  Too bad its not on CD though.  I enjoy, often, the "test tones and data storage" that it offers me over my various music play-back systems.  I'm not a snob, I like the format.  Hope I don't offend you by saying that.  I don't mean to imply you are a snob.  Not in any way do I mean that.  I can even get pleasure from music played over a transistor radio!  Or even in my car!  Or even in the music that exists in my head.  
Go ahead pull my finger.. aw heck, I’ll pull it myself...
My voices are fine.. For the moment, we do have our tifs though..

MC I’m working on a tractor, the vinyl ain’t gonna cut it.. It’s idling and the ground is just vibrating like crazy.. I’m filling the tires with water. Nothing like a Deere. I’m streaming and I like CD, and RtR and fast women. Nothing wrong with looking....:-)

I got muffs on anyways... Never tinker without them...NEVER.. Blowers are the worst... Turbo spin on this deere is pretty loud too, with air filter off, Turbine and a manual waist gate.. Yup I cheat....I can put a 3 foot flame out the top..When I pour on the fuel and pack that air chamber. A green fire breathing Deere!!! two gallons of aviation 104 don’t hurt, either... I love tinkering... pulling stumps, in adobe soil... Brand new 16 ton DOT chains a waitin' Snap them like rubber bands..  You should see the difference in US vs Chinese chain. The eastern chain is twice as big to meet the requirements, but fails the osha test for weight.. Twice the weight....

No Yoko Ono...CD or otherwise...