Temperature of water for ultrasonic RCM

I have a CleanerVinyl RCM - very happy with it. Have been fooling around with water temp and wondering if anyone else is doing or has done the same? I had been using it with the water at room temp, and was thinking that I was the dishes in warm water, so why not clean my records in warm water? So I pumped it to 40C and it seems to be getting a LOT more junk off my (supposedly) clean records that have all been previously run thru the RCM.

Thanks for any feedback.


The ultrasonic process in itself generates a fair amount of heat so just be mindful of that.

@fuzztone - why 30c? curious. Thanks

@kgturner  - was unaware of that. Thank you. Is the heat generated at the record surface by the water hitting it? Any idea of temp? thx

I've used up to 45c but now go around 35c. I believe that after the surface is clean, it's more important to use a surfactant to release imbedded particles than having heat a main factor


Ultrasonic activity can raise the water temperature by about 10-15° C. I guess it would just depend on how long you run the ultrasonic transducers and how large your ultrasonic tank is.

I used to have a DIY 6L ultrasonic cleaner and without using the tank heater, I would get about a 5-6° C rise after 10 minutes.

I now use a Degritter (much smaller tank) and it will pause for cool down if I run it on Heavy for more than 1 LP. Luckily, I don’t do marathon cleaning sessions otherwise I could see how that could get annoying.

I start at 30 C and go up to about 42 C.

I`ve cleaned as high as 45 C without issues

I’m using an Isonic without heater, and I’m trying to figure out a way to introduce a little heat to the process.  I used it 5 hours yesterday, and the water was as cold when I finished as when I started.  When I dropped down to 4 records per cycle, with @2.5 inches between each disc, I noticed a big difference in results.  It was good with 10 records, but now I can visualize the water acting on the surface of the record.  Results sound even better.  Seems like slightly warmer water would be helpful?  Something short of buying a new unit.  Any ideas?

Warmer water is always preferable when cleaning your records or cleaning anything in general. Problem is records warp with heat. When using isonic tanks made for record cleaning the temperature is pre-set to not exceed 35c/95F therefore safe for your vinyl. I measured the temp of the water. In the winter it gets up to 34c/93F and 36c/97F on a hot summer day. I’ve tried cleaning with and without heat and concluded cleaning with heat results your records sounding better.