North Carolina Audio Club

Let's start a NC Audio Club. Any comments? Any suggestions about how to promote our interest and perhaps hear other folks systems, or benefit from their experiences?
There are already several.
In Raleigh:
Piedmont Audiophile Society
DIY Tube based equipment building and other things
There is a Sunday school almost every week. Contact Kevin Carter
NC Audiophiles:

In Charlotte:
Carolina Audiophile society

There are a few others. I try to go to all of them:) Mostly the Piedmont one every sunday.

Thank You.
Drew Baird
Moon Audio
308 Chrismill Lane
Holly Springs, NC 27540

I am in Waynesville, about 30 miles west of Asheville. Would definitely be interested, either in going or hosting.
I'm in Raleigh and would be interested in hearing other systems and sharing experiences.

Hey folks, hope you get something going. I'm planning on moving down to the asheville area in a year and a half or so.
For those in Raleigh, send me an email and I will get a list going. Shall we set up a preliminary date for something?
Thank You.
Drew Baird
Moon Audio
308 Chrismill Lane
Holly Springs, NC 27540
I am seeking 501-C certification so we may rent facilities at low cost and I am seeking the occasional commercial sponser to offset costs, not commercial representatives using the member list for customers. Drubrew your enthusiasm is appreciated but a call for a meeting is premature at this point. I really don't want this to start quickly and fizzle out quickly.

For those interested NC Triangle area folks and those willing to travel to the Raleigh area, please email me at
Sigh... everyone's from the cool places, like Asheville and Raleigh.

Drew and Guy, I'll probably send an email to get on your lists, to stay up-to-date on what's happening.

In the meantime, are there any members from eastern NC, particularly the New Bern, Greenville, Jacksonville area?

I am opening a new store out of my home here in Charlotte and will be hosting a meeting or two later this year for the Charlotte Audiophile Society.

We will have gear on display from Dynaudio, Bel Canto, MIT, Oppo digital, Apple and possibly some other companies

My shop is called Liquid HiFi and inquiries can be directed to
Buff - Best wishes with your store and keep us informed about meetings. I am in Hendersonville
I am living in Baltimore, Maryland, but plan on moving to Concord, NC soon. I would love to begin communicating with members of audio clubs near that area. I am not familiar with NC so will have to learn how to get around.

By the way, I will want to purchase a set of Magnapan 1.6 speakers upon arrival and getting settled. Where can I go to hear these speakers near where I will be residing? I look forward to hearing from you.

Bob Williams
I just landed in metro-Charlotte and would like to know if the Charlotte Audiophile Society got off the ground.

Some members requested updates and here is what is new at Liquid HiFi:
PS Audio Perfect Wave system in stock for demonstration
- open house/meetings to demo this playbeck system will be forthcoming once the bridge is released.
Plinius components always on demo - 9200 now available for listening.
Liquid HiFi is now proudly an Esoteric dealer and has the SA-50 on demo.
feel free to contact me if you would like to be included on the open house/meeting list and/or with any other way I might help.
Ron Buffington
Liquid HiFi
hi vernon30515,i am in are probably closer to raleigh than asheboro.but i am always interested in talking audio.also where did you move from,and what is your system comprised of.oh ,and welcome to n.c.
Hello All,

I may be that my house will finally sell so that I can relocate to Concord, NC. I am almost sure there are no audio clubs there. So, I guess the nearest one would be in Charlotte, NC?

Even before I relocate to NC I would love to begin communicating with those who wish to email me here in Baltimore, MD. I want to get the know some people there in NC so that when I arrive I will already have astablished some audio relationships.

PS: I recently purchased a fine set of Magnapan MG-2's which I will be delivering to Mr. Peter Gunn for his outstanding work. I hope to have those completed by the time I relocate. Thank you so much all.

hi rbwinterlink, i live in asheboro is about 45 miles from concord.there is no audio club here either.i would be glad to exchange thoughts and opinions of our audio hobby.not to mention possibly hearing and comparing systems.
Good morning Energizer,

How are you this fine day? I would love to communicate with you until I finally arrive to Concord NC. Presently, I am totally dumb regarding how to get around town even.

Regarding my audio system, here goes:

Threshold S/300 power amp
Classe DR-5 pre amp
DIY/Rock turntable (I used the platter and bearing from the Elite Rock to complete the DIY turntable. I use a Jelco
750-D tonearm).
Benz Micro Cart
Parasound 2000 belt drive CD transport/DAC
Upgraded power cables and interconnects
Magnapan MG-2 speakers (soon to be upgraded by P.Gunn)
Technics 1506 tape deck
Tascam 32-2B tape deck
Otari MTR-15 master tape deck
Sony APR-5003 master tape deck
Varied collection of reel to reel tapes

I spend major time listening to modern jazz (big/small band), single instrument, small and large classical works. I love choral music so spend lots of time listening to Bach, Beethovan, Cherubini, Ralph Vaugh Williams, and others.

Individual jazz artists are:

Lee Konitz
Tony Williams
Miles Davis
Bill Evans
Gil Evans
Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra (fantastic)
Modern Jazz Quartet
Stan Kenton
John Coltrane
Dave Brubeck
Stan Getz
Joe Henderson
Charlie Parker
Billie Holiday
Diana Krall
Shirley Horn, just to name a few

I also love Blood Sweat & Tears, Joan Baez, Earth Wind & Fire, Sade and a few others.

Well sir, that's it for now. I look forward to hearing from you when you can spare a moment. By the way, I am looking forward to getting my speakers up to Mr. Peter Gunn prior to leaving the Maryand area. My hope is that he can work on then sooner than the proposed date in August. Thanks again for taking the time to post to me. I really appreciate.

well thats quite a system u have.i especially like your maggies, and your planned up grade.i have always liked the maggies.AND i like the fact U have great recording capabilities. i am still trying to upgrade mine.presently i have speakers by focal and von schweikert.a older sumiko turntable.a bottle head revelation 2 pre,slightly upgraded.i am looking for a good cd player.i am using an old scott [my back up]i use a pair of monarchy se100 s. music, i listen to anything except rap- and hip hop.,and especially the older stuff from 60s and at U LATER,MICHAEL
Hi everyone in Western NC,
I'm in Sylva NC and would love to have/see an audio club in the area. Will be relocating to Asheville by Nov 1 2010, and still would like to see a group come together in this area. My current system is made up of 50% DIY Pass Labs, etc. and interested in seeing a good group of mature secure guy's and gal's who have the passion that I've had for the past 30 years to share the love of music and audio.
Hope to hear form many interested parties.

Joe Ritota
Sounds good to me. I am in Hendersonville. Let us know when you get settled in Asheville
Are there any audio clubs or audiophiles north of Charlotte, NC (in the Huntersville/ Cornelius/Lake Norman area)? Years ago there was a club that met about 50 miles away on the south suburbs of Charlotte so I only attended a few times.
Check out the Capital Audiofest 2011 updates. Hope to see you there.
Charlotte, NC chiming in. Hello all. Is there any club built up yet or should I start organizing one? I have already hosted and organized an audio event here in the mountains of North Carolina every year for 5 years running where folks fly or drive in from all over the US and Canada, so organizing something on the local scene would be a breeze.

I have been in this hobby since I was 8 years old listening to my Uncle Tommy's tube rig and after a 20 or so year hiatus, got back into it hardcore about 6 years ago. If nothing has been set up so far concerning the North Carolina Audio Club, let's stop the talk and walk the walk.

Are you still in the mountains? I am in Hendersonville area and would love to get together. Charlotte is a little far for me.
Ron Buffington of Liquid HiFi chiming in again.

The Charlotte Audiophile Society is not currently active although the leader of that group puts on a nice headphone show once a year.

I would be willing to host a group of 15-20 on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to demonstrate the systems I have on display.

Liquid HiFi currently has on display 7 systems at various price levels with many award winning products from many of the top manufacturers.

Interested parties organizing events please contact me direct to set up a meeting

thank you
I'm in Sanford. What do we need to do to get the ball rolling? Email me at
Ron, it seems as if this club has either disbanded or completely fallen apart due to no one actually responding in a timely manner for such a club, or even for such a clubs existence for that matter. I have interest in starting up either a Charlotte Audio Club or a regional audio club of some sort. As not to step on the toes of those who have preceded myself, this can be a separate or a combined club and I will always welcome those who came before me to join me or resume as they were to make this a wonderful experience for all that choose to participate. No matter whether it be more of a local thing or regional. Regardless of whatever may transpire, I will lead or assist as needed to make this a reality once again.

If you don't mind, we could have the first meeting and GTG at your pad to not only see what you have to offer but start the new chapter or rekindle the old one from there. I'll get in touch with you off of this forum to see what we can arrange and I look forward to making some headway toward making this actually happen.

In the meantime, could you be so kind as to forward me the contact information of the cat who is in charge of the currently defunct Charlotte Audiophile Society?

Until then, enjoy the music.
I'm in. I live in Huntersville and would be happy to contribute in any way/shape/form to a greater Mecklenburg audio club.
I have a VERY modest setup, but it would be fun to work it out for some of you "golden ears" and let you critique at will.
(No, I'm not a masochist LOL!)
This is very cool. I as well live in Huntersville and would like to get together for a listening session or two. Not to worry about a modest system, all systems can be a pleasure to enjoy and worth gathering over some good music. You should post your current system under virtual systems.
I see with this new A'gon website changes there is know way to send a private message so we can further this conversation.
Thanks for the response, Mjcmt! I will complete my virtual system post this weekend (traveling all week) and take pics.
I'm in NorthStone; whereabouts are you? Definitely up for music sessions!
I'm very close in Monteith Pk. Colorfulpellects. We need to get together for sure.
I live in the greater Mecklenburg area. I have attended the club located in Raleigh - nice group of guys - so I don't mind a dirve. I would like to see something get going in the Charlotte area.

I like Ron's idea. It could be a good start.
..calloway here...i live in danville,va which is about 1 1/4 hrs from raleigh...anything within 2 hrs would be great...
I'm ready when you guys are. I am happy to host a session any time soon, but I can't promise a big professional "listening area". I have my stereo gear set up in the sitting room off my master suite, and it is not a big room. For a get-together, I would probably move the system to my great room so as to accommodate additional sets of ears.
But it all sounds fun, so let's give it a rip!!
Chiming in from Durham. I'd be happy to host or go to listening sessions within half an hour or so.
We live only 1 mile away. Lets get together this weekend or sometime soon. I don't see anyway to send a personal message or email thru A'gon to connect. Any ideas?
Perhaps Sunday, March 11? Or what sort of work schedule do you keep? Maybe during the week. I have a very flexible schedule, so I am up for weekday get-togethers. I'm not keen on posting my cell number or email in here, so let's figure out how to connect. Smoke signals, maybe? ;-)
Agreed. I have the same user name on AudioKarma if you want to send me a PM from that site we can connect.
Where might this location be? If this is where we start it back up? Then so be it.

I am moving to Waynesville this fall and would like to meet other audiophiles in the area [Asheville, Hendersonville, Waynesville].
Beautiful part of the world. Where you moving from, and are you retiring there or for work? I have a tube-audiophile friend who lives in Hendersonville, who is not active on these sights. If you send me a PM with your info when you get here I will pass iy on your info to him, so he can contact you if he chooses.

I live in Waynesville, Stanwal. There are a few of us scattered around these parts (within thirty minutes or so of Asheville). Drop me a line when you touch down and we'll find a time to get together. That's quite a system you've assembled there. I'd love to hear it!